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Tripartite agreement in Luxembourg : gas price increases will be capped at +15% until December 2023
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Simulation for a average consumption in Luxembourg (2700m³/year, 20kW power)
Our tips for choosing the best subscription

Which is the best supplier in Luxembourg?

As for electricityThere are few gas suppliers in Luxembourg. The main ones are :

  • Enovos (which also offers electricity)
  • SudÉnergie
  • Electris (which also markets electrical energy offers)

These three companies offer very different tariffs: Enovos and SudÉnergie are relatively aligned in terms of price. Electris is slightly more expensive than its competitors.

To make sure you get the best deal and pay a company that is committed to the green transition, make sure you compare offers. You can do this easily with the comparison above.

What is my gas consumption?

To determine your consumption, go back to your bill history and determine an average between the volume consumed in the summer and the volume consumed in the winter (as a large part of the consumption comes from heating).

If you cannot find your bills, you can use the following scale, which gives an average according to the surface area of your home (note: it also depends on the insulation of your home).

  • For 60m².765m³ per year
  • Per 100².you will consume an average of 1300m³. 
  • For 150m².For a total of 1,900m³, expect to consume 1,900m³. 
  • For 300m².This is double, i.e. 3800m³ per year 

In Luxembourg, the average consumption is 2700m³ per year. This is the average consumption needed to heat a 200m² house. In our comparison of gas offers, we use this average.

How to reduce your bill?

There are two ways to reduce your bill:

  1. Reduce your consumption first: If you can, lower the temperature in your home by one or two degrees. This is the main way to reduce your consumption and therefore your bill. Government agencies recommend a temperature of 19°C in dwellingsThis is a good way to save energy without risking your health. By doing so, you will also reduce your carbon footprint and our energy dependency.
  2. Choose a cheaper contract: Price differences can be very high between different companies. A word of advice: compare prices, analyse the advantages of each operator (some offer 100% organic gas, for example), and change supplier. You can do so freely, at any time, thanks to the liberalisation of the energy market by Europe.

What is the increase in gas prices in Luxembourg?

A capped increase +15% until December 2023

Since the outbreak of war in Ukraine and the return of inflation in Europe, energy prices have exploded on the markets. However, private consumers were not immediately affected by these price increases.

Several Luxembourg suppliers had announced an increase of almost 110% (a doubling of the gas bill) for 2022 and 2023. In a tripartite agreement, the Luxembourg government has however decided to limit this increase to a maximum of +15% until December 2023. More than ever, it is important to compare gas suppliers carefully to find the cheapestand thus limit the increase in your bill.

Protection of the Luxembourg State on part of the bill

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, many European countries have set up mechanisms to protect consumers from rising energy pricesThis is similar to the "Bouclier tarifaire" in France.

On the gas bills of individuals, the Luxembourg government covers the costs of the network. This helps to limit price increases.

How to cope with rising gas prices?

There are several ways to save money on your gas bill:

  1. Use less gas. The best way is to reduce the amount of hot water you use in your home. Scientists and governments recommend keeping the temperature in your home at 19°C, using less hot water in the shower (and avoiding baths), and insulating your home better.
  2. Find the cheapest supplier. There are price differences between suppliers. You can find the cheapest on our comparison table at the top of this page.
  3. Improving the thermal insulation of your home. You can benefit from public subsidies to renovate your home. You can drastically reduce the energy consumption of your home. You can make significant savings on your gas bill.

Why compare gas suppliers?

Saving money on your bill

Price differences vary enormously from company to company. In Luxembourg, it is possible to save several hundred euros per year by choosing a better gas offer. So what accounts for these price differences? 

  • There are very few gas suppliers on the market: This means that there is little competition, which does not encourage operators to lower their prices. Some players offer almost similar prices, and others keep their prices high. In addition, there are never any new players on the market (unlike in the telecom market, for example), so existing companies do not feel the need to make competitive offers.
  • Luxembourg is a small market: There are therefore very high fixed costs for companies that market energy offers. Some suppliers who do not have many customers are forced to pass on these costs to consumers. This explains why some companies charge extremely high prices.

If you have never compared energy offers before, now is the time! You could save a lot of money. Check out our selection of offers at the top of this page to find a better gas supplier.

Accelerating the development of green and bio gas

Unlike other countries, Luxembourg is a leader in organic 100% offers. Some suppliers offer :

  • Offers of biogas. This is the most responsible method of production: it is based on the decomposition of organic matter. This is in contrast to "conventional" gas, which is extracted deep underground in the same way as oil is extracted.
  • Gas from Europe : When you choose an offer with a Luxembourg company, the fuel comes exclusively from Europe. You will therefore be encouraging the development of responsible production that is more respectful of the planet.

If you can, we advise you to choose one of these offers, even if it means paying a little more: biogas is important for the planet, but also for theEurope's energy independence. By replacing our imports with local production, we will be less dependent on foreigners.

Which organic gas supplier should I choose?
Compare the offers from our selection and find the best one.
Compare gas contracts
Rising energy prices in Luxembourg: what impact on your gas or electricity bill?

Which green gas supplier should I choose?

Choose a supplier that offers European and Luxembourgish biogas

In Luxembourg, there are two main providers of 100% bio offers: 

  • Enovos The historical energy operator is marketing an offer consisting of 100% of European bio-gas.
  • SudÉnergie This is a two-tiered distribution system. One offer offers 50% of biogas, another offers 100%.

Both companies are relatively similar in terms of price. For both, some of the fuel delivered to your home is also of Luxembourg origin (with plants that are increasingly developing, such as in Rodange).

You can also opt for cheap subscriptions, but these usually include a large proportion of Russian gas, extracted deep underground. The impact on the planet is therefore far from responsible. If you can afford it and are committed to the preservation of our planet, don't hesitate to choose a European and organic 100% contract (it will only cost a few euros more per month).

How to reduce dependence on Russian gas?

There are several ways to reduce our collective dependence on Russian fossil fuels: 

  1. Reduce the temperature of the dwellings: Consumption is mainly driven by home heating and consumption by large industries. By lowering the temperature in our homes by one or two degrees, we can therefore reduce overall consumption, and our dependence on Russian fossil fuels.
  2. Choosing a European contract : Some suppliers offer fuel produced exclusively in Europe. By choosing to finance these alternative and responsible production methods (by methanisation or fermentation of organic waste), we are choosing to move away from fossil fuels extracted abroad.
  3. Reduce your electricity consumption : Much of Europe's electricity is generated in gas-fired power stations, which heat water, produce steam and turn an alternator. By reducing our electricity consumption and choosing 100% green electricity contractsWe are also reducing our dependence on imports.
  4. Investing in the development of renewable energy : Some energy contracts also invest part of your money in the development of wind farms, hydroelectric dams, or solar panel farms. These subscriptions usually cost only a few extra cents or euros per month, and help finance the ecological transition.

As you can see, as consumers we have real power. Everything depends on our choices! To compare all the energy offers in Luxembourg and make the best choice for the planet, don't hesitate to consult our comparison by clicking on the button below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which is the cheapest gas supplier?

SudÉnergie and Enovos share the podium and offer very similar rates. However, their offers do not offer the same benefits for the planet. Check out the comparison to find out more.

Which gas supplier to choose in 2023?

In 2023, SudÉnergie and Enovos are the best placed gas suppliers in terms of price. They have relatively similar gas offers.

Which is the most attractive gas supplier?

Some suppliers offer green and bio 100% gas produced in Europe. Biogas is produced through the fermentation of organic waste. It is more environmentally friendly than its fossil alternative. Take an interest in the SudÉnergie and Enovos contracts before making your choice. You can compare them thanks to the ranking on this site.

How do I change my gas supplier?

Changing supplier is a very simple procedure: since the liberalisation of the energy market, you can do so at any time. All you have to do is sign up for a new offer: the chosen operator will take care of the termination and the change for you.

How to buy European gas?

All you have to do is subscribe to an organic offer from one of the Luxembourg suppliers. These offers guarantee a European supply. Some of the fuel delivered to your home will also be produced in Luxembourg.

What is the increase in gas prices in Luxembourg?

In 2023, the increase in gas prices will be capped at +15%. This decision follows a tripartite agreement signed by the Luxembourg government and trade unions. The State will continue to pay the network costs on the customers' bill. Several Luxembourg gas suppliers had previously announced price increases of up to 110% for the winter of 2022-2023.

How can I save on my gas bill?

The first way is to produce less hot water. It is advisable to keep the temperature in your home at 19°C (even if it means wearing jumpers) and to take slightly cooler showers (and above all, no baths!). Next, you can compare gas suppliers in Luxembourg to find the cheapest, and make some savings on your bill. Next, consider undertaking a thermal renovation of your home. You can improve its energy performance: you will need less heating. You will consume less gas.

How to pay less for gas?

The price per m³ of gas is different for each supplier. To find a cheaper gas, you can compare offers on our comparison table (top of this page). Once you have chosen your offer, go to the supplier's website and apply to be a new customer. You will then be guided through the process of switching supplier. However, paying less for gas is not enough to significantly reduce your gas bill: consider also reducing your heating and hot water consumption to see a real impact on your costs.

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