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Best bank account
✔️ Current account
✔️ Visa Classic included
✔️ Unlimited ATM withdrawals Spuerkeess
✔️ 1 external withdrawal in EUR/month (EU zone) free of charge
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Best car loan
ING Luxembourg
ING Luxembourg
✔️ 100000€ max.
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Best consumer credit
✔️ 100000€ max.
✔️ Rate reduction under 30 years old and Zebra Premium account holder
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Why compare banking services in Luxembourg?

When you're looking to reduce your bank charges, it's often difficult to know how to go about it. Are you looking for a personal loan offer or a cheap bank account? You've come to the right place! We have compiled the essentials about each offer in a single comparator.

  1. See our selection of bank accountsor our selection of credit offersnso in Luxembourg
  2. Analyse the benefits of each offer, and the price or rate offered
  3. Choose the offer that best suits your needs, your desires and your budget
  4. Click on "See the offer": you will be redirected to the website of the bank of your choice in order to finalise the account opening or the personal loan application.

Which bank offers the best financial services?

Each bank has its own specificities, but some are better than others for certain offers:

  • To open a current account : Some banks offer accounts that include very good services (unlimited external withdrawals) at a very low price, but few additional benefits (such as the possibility to make investments or save). On the other hand, other bank accounts include a lot of advantages (2 bank cards, preferential rates on loans, a free savings account, investment advice), but these accounts will generally be the most expensive on the market. So it all depends on your needs and budget. We advise you to compare the different types of bank accounts before making your choice.
  • For a personal loan (consumer credit, car or work) : the comparison is quite simple. All you have to do is analyse the different offers and choose the one with the best rate. However, this rate should be personalised according to your financial situation and your project. Bear in mind that it may change. Nevertheless, our selection of loan offers will allow you to make an initial selection and find the most attractive rates easily.
Which bank should I choose for my consumer credit?
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Current accounts: all bank charges are analysed

We take many criteria into account when selecting the best current accounts in Luxembourg. Here are the parameters we analyse:

  1. Account maintenance fees : This is the fee you pay each month to your bank to have a current account. Some banks offer these fees for specific accounts (such as 100% online accounts). Most of these accounts will have to be managed 100% on the Internet: you will not be able to benefit from branch operations.
  2. Bank card fees : Some banks include bank cards in their basic package, but others do not. With these banks, you will have to pay an extra €20 to €60 per year (or even more, if you choose a Gold or Platinum card). These are the fees you need to take into account when comparing offers.
  3. External withdrawal fees : All Luxembourg banks offer unlimited withdrawals from their own cash machines. However, if you withdraw money from another bank, you may have to pay extra. Some banks include a limited number of free transfers, but with others you will have to pay for the first withdrawal from a third-party ATM. So this is an important consideration in our selection of bank accounts.
  4. External transfer fees : To make SEPA transfers in euro to accounts at other banks, you may have to pay extra. However, most banks offer an unlimited number of euro transfers to external accounts. Make sure you have this option when you open your bank account.
  5. Overdraft fees : Every time your balance goes into the negative, some banks charge a fee. This can be a fixed fee (€50 commission) or interest (1% of the amount owed to the bank). Not all banks charge commission for overdrafts: look out for this on the offers compared on this site.
  6. Overdraft interest : All banks charge a variable fee each time your account goes into negative territory. In Luxembourg, these charges range from 7% to 9% of the amount owed to the bank. Be careful to choose the bank that offers the lowest overdraft interest.

By analysing all of these parameters in a single way, we are able to select a handful of bank account offers that we feel offer the best value for money. You can then browse the different thematic rankings to find the current account that best suits your needs and budget.

How to reduce bank charges in Luxembourg?
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Car loans, consumer loans, home improvement loans... We find you the best rate

In Luxembourg, interest rates on personal loans range from one to three times higher. To find the best rate :

  1. We compare all the offers available on the market, marketed by the main banks in Luxembourg 
  2. We compare the rates for each type of credit (car, consumption, works, energy renovation...)
  3. We give you our ranking of the monthwith updated rates
  4. We add all the conditions you need to know before taking out a loan. For example, some banks reserve a preferential rate for their customers. Others offer an attractive rate to young people under 30.
  5. Finally, we display the cost of a credit simulation made with each bank. In this way, you can compare the cost of each credit offer and see the practical impact of the difference in rates.

Finally, you should know that you will be able to deduct part of the interest expense from your tax returnYou may not be able to deduct the full amount of interest each year, but it is still a significant saving. You may not be able to deduct the full amount of interest each year, but it still represents significant savings.

So make sure you choose the best rate for your credit to save as much as possible on your bank charges.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What financial services are available in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg banks offer several types of financial services that you can easily subscribe to: current accounts, savings accounts, pension plans, life insurance and investment funds (in euros and shares). For classic operations, such as account openings or loans, you can easily subscribe online. For more customised transactions, such as investment or savings plans, contact your advisor.

How to improve your finances in Luxembourg?

If you want to improve your finances, you need to start by reducing your bank charges. Look at your account fees, card fees and overdraft fees and interest. Then use this comparison tool to save on all your contracts. You can save hundreds of pounds a year easily, while benefiting from quality, hand-picked offers.

How to save taxes in Luxembourg?

If you want to optimise your tax situation in Luxembourg, you can deduct certain expenses from your tax return. The easiest to deduct is insurance and interest on outstanding loans: you can deduct up to €672 per year from your taxes. If you want to deduct more, you can open a pension plan and a home savings account: you can save more than €1,000 a year on your taxes with this new lever. Don't hesitate to ask your bank advisor to open a pension plan or a home savings account.

What are the financial investments in Luxembourg?

In Luxembourg, you can first invest in a pension plan: you will set aside a sum each month, and you can deduct part of it from your tax return. Then, if you are looking for a return, you can open an investment plan or life insurance with your bank: you can choose your risk profile and invest a certain amount each month. The financial gains you make will depend on the risk you take, and the return on your shares.

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