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Spuerkeess: contact details, stolen or lost card and banking offers

Spuerkeess is the state bank in Luxembourg. It is the main bank in the Grand Duchy.

All useful information

How do I block my bank card?

Have you lost your card? Or worse: it has been stolen? In that case, don't wait any longer:

  1. Contact the payment card processor immediately to block your card. Call Worldline Financial Services at (+352) 49 10 10 (7/7, 24/24). Their services will take care of blocking your means of payment.
  2. Once your card is blocked, fill out a claim form. It will allow you to claim back the stolen money, if you notice fraudulent payments or withdrawals from your bank account.
  3. Then inform your advisor and go to the branch to collect your new credit card. In most cases, your card will be replaced immediately: you will be able to pay or withdraw money again without any problems.

How to contact the bank?

To speak to a bank advisor or the bank's customer service department, you can :

  • Call the service Spuerkess Direct at +352 4015-1 (Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm)
  • Send an email to the following address
  • Visit a branch or call to make an appointment with an advisor. Find the complete list of agencies on this page.

How to open an account?

Here are the different ways to open an account in the Grand Duchy:

  1. Contact Spuerkess Direct on the bank's website, and request an appointment
  2. Contact the branch of your choice directly using the form at the bottom of each page of the site. You will then be put in touch with an advisor who will take care of opening your account.
  3. Go to a branch and ask for an appointment with an advisor to open your account.

However, if you wish to open a current account and reduce your bank charges, we advise you to compare all offers in Luxembourg before you make your decision. This will allow you to choose the best account for your situation.

The address of the Spuerkeess bank

If you wish to send a complaint by post or e-mail, you can send it to the following address

Service Compliance

1, Place de Metz
L-1930 Luxembourg
Tel: (+352) 4015-2226


Current accounts and Spuerkeess cards

Here are the bank accounts currently offered by the bank in Luxembourg.
✔️ Current account
✔️ Visa Classic included
✔️ Unlimited ATM withdrawals Spuerkeess
✔️ 1 external withdrawal in EUR/month (EU zone) free of charge
Zebra Premium
Unlimited EUR transfers
✔️ Current account
✔️ VISA Premier included
✔️ Unlimited ATM withdrawals Spuerkeess
✔️ 2 VISA credit cards
4 external withdrawals in EUR/month (EU zone) without fees
✔️ 1 discounted Luxair Miles & More card
✔️ Preferential rates on loans
✔️ Current account
✔️ VISA Classic included
✔️ Unlimited ATM withdrawals Spuerkeess
✔️ 2 cards (debit or credit) free
✔️ -25% housing loan commission
✔️ Favourable personal loan rate
✔️ Preferential Rate Savings Account

Apply for a car loan

If you're thinking of buying a new car, here's the rate the bank can offer you.
✔️ 100000€ max.
✔️ Rate reduction under 30 years old and Zebra Premium account holder

Apply for a consumer credit

If you need a personal loan, here is the rate that Spuerkeess is currently offering:
✔️ 100000€ max.
✔️ Rate reduction under 30 years old and Zebra Premium account holder

Work and renovation loans

To renovate your home, you can apply for a loan under these conditions:
✔️ 100000€ max.
✔️ Rate reduction under 30 years old and Zebra Premium account holder

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I block my Spuerkeess card?

To block your card, contact Worldline Financial Services (the provider who manages the cards) on (+352) 49 10 10 (7/7, 24/24). Then fill in a claim form available at this link. Finally, contact your advisor to request a new card.

How to contact Spuerkeess?

You can contact the Spuerkess Direct service at +352 4015-1 (Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm) or send an email to You can also visit a branch: all contact details are available on this page.

How to open a Spuerkeess account?

You can open an account online, directly on the bank's website or on the S-net mobile app. Before choosing your account, remember to compare bank account offers in Luxembourg. This will allow you to reduce your bank charges.

How to write a Spuerkeess letter?

If you wish to make a complaint to the Spuerkeess, send a registered letter to the dedicated service: Spuerkeess, Service Compliance1, Place de Metz, L-1930 Luxembourg. You can also write an email to