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9 October 2022
Rising energy prices: how to limit the impact on your bill?

Since 2022, energy prices have been rising steadily. Here's how to reduce your energy bill...

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11 June 2022
How to avoid bank charges abroad?

Withdrawals, local currency exchange, card payments... Here are the main charges and how to avoid them.

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10 June 2022
Internet speed: the ranking of providers in Luxembourg

Download speed, connection stability, subscription prices: here is a comparison of the main Internet operators in Luxembourg.

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9 June 2022
Which bank to choose in Luxembourg?

Bank fees, card costs, savings products or home loans... Wondering which bank you should choose? We explain it all to you!

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9 June 2022
Luxembourg: 4G and 5G mobile coverage map

Discover the mobile Internet coverage in your commune in Luxembourg, thanks to this interactive map! Follow the development of 5G.

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8 June 2022
Internet speed test: what is your Wifi, Fibre or ADSL connection speed?

Want to know how fast your Internet connection is? Here is a free speed test to measure your bandwidth.

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7 June 2022
The cost of installing fibre Internet in Luxembourg

Some Luxembourgers find out that their first Internet bill will cost them more than €300. How to avoid these fibre installation costs?

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6 June 2022
Car loan or leasing: what to choose?

Do you want to buy your new car in Luxembourg? Are you hesitating between a car loan and a leasing? Here is a guide to help you!

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5 June 2022
How to cancel your insurance in Luxembourg?

Home Insurance, Car Insurance... Here's how to send a Cancellation Letter to your insurer, and how to find a cheaper Insurance.

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4 June 2022
Ranking: the municipalities with the best Internet connection in Luxembourg

In this ranking, we compare download, upload and latency speeds in different cities in Luxembourg. Here are the results...

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