The cost of installing fibre Internet in Luxembourg

7 June 2022
How can I avoid paying for fibre optic installation in Luxembourg?

It is a statement that is sometimes hidden: the price of the installation of the Internet fibre. Some providers mention it directly on their subscription page. Others only mention it in their tariff brochure or in their general terms and conditions of sale.

And it is only when you receive your first Internet bill that you discover the bad surprise: the provider sometimes charges up to €300 installation fee.

So what are these fees really about? And above all: how can they be avoided?

Installing the Internet in your flat

The optic fibre network is quite simple to understand: it is light-travelling cables. By flashing in the cable, this light transmits information at very high speed.

This technology allows download speeds of 1 Gbit/s to 2 Gbit/s. In comparison, ADSL ranges from only 15 Mbps to 100 Mbps (with VDSL2 protocol).

By switching to fibre Internet, you can increase your speed by 10 to 100 times. Your downloads of files or video games go faster and your Netflix streaming is of much better quality. Even better: all devices connected at the same time (computer, mobile, television) have a very good speed.

Why is it necessary to have fibre installed?

The Internet network stops at "splitters". If you live in a flat, these are large cabinets in the basement of your building that contain all the fibre optics for the flats in your home.

Some buildings are already equipped with them. Others are not. Others are connected, but the fibre does not reach the flats. There are many different situations, so the provider has to intervene to make sure that you have the Internet access you signed up for.

  • If your building is already equipped with a fibre networkIf you have a telephone line, the operator must intervene to put your line into service and make sure that your connection works. This is called installation, or activation of your line.
  • If your building does not have a fibre network InternetThe operator will then have to lay cables from the fibre cabinet to your flat. This is called cabling. This wiring can become complex if the operation takes too long. In this case, you may have to pay additional fees. Check with the Internet provider of your choice on the prices charged for complex cabling (some suppliers state that they offer this type of cabling).

In short, the installation is systematic: it is the commissioning of your Internet box. The cabling is not systematic: it is only necessary if your flat is not connected by optical fibres.

The duration of the installation

When you take out an Internet subscription, you make an appointment for the installation of the fibre and the activation of the line in your home. You will be allocated a time slot and the installer will come to your home to start the process.

  • If your flat is already connected to the fibreIf you know exactly where the fibre cabinet in your building is located and you have access to it, the installation will take between 30 minutes and 1 hour.
  • If your flat is not connected to the fibreThe installer will have to wire your flat completely. He will have to :
    • Installing a fibre box on the wall of one of your rooms (usually near the electrical panel, but it can be installed in another place). However, this installation is not systematic: in some buildings, the flats are already connected to the fibre cabinet by Ethernet cable.
    • Lay a cable from the box to the fibre cabinet in your building, or to the distribution frame in your neighbourhood.

This can take a long time. Allow at least 2 hours. But in some cases there may be complications (if the distribution frame is too far away, for example). The operator may then arrange a new appointment to complete the wiring. You will then have to pay complex cabling costs. Be sure to check with suppliers about these charges if you are unsure about your installation.

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How much does it cost to install fibre?

The basic price of the installation

The price of installing fibre to your flat or house varies between providers. It can range from from €99 to €299. These amounts are payable in one go on your first Internet bill.

This price does not include any additional costs that may be applied by the Internet provider, in particular if :

  • Your home requires the installation of a fibre optic socket on the wall of the living room or entrance
  • Your home requires full cabling to the building's distribution frame, usually located in the basement or car park
  • Your home must be connected to the local distribution frame, located outside your building or house

If you are in one of these situations, we advise you to find out in advance from the operator of your choice, as you may have to pay complex cabling costs, the price of which varies depending on the supplier. Do not hesitate to contact the customer service of the provider before subscribing to one of its Internet offers.

How to avoid paying for the installation

You don't want to pay for the installation of the Internet fibre in your home? We understand you! You should know that some Internet service providers offer installation to attract more customers.

Here's how to find Internet offers that include fibre installation:

  1. See our Internet subscription comparator (this is a selection of the best offers of the moment, established according to objective criteria)
  2. Look for the words "Installation offered"on the different offers
  3. Go to the operator's website by clicking on "See the offer"
  4. Subscribe to the Internet offer, if it suits you!

Good to know : The mention "Installation offered" only concerns you if the fibre is already wired in your home and if you already have a wall socket for the fibre. If this is not the case, we invite you to contact the operator of your choice directly to find out if you should pay additional wiring costs.

The practices of Internet providers in Luxembourg

In the Grand Duchy, all situations are possible:

  • Some providers ask new subscribers to pay the full price of the installation (between €199 and €299).
  • Others offer a discounted installation (€99)
  • Finally, some operators offer the full cost to their new customers. However, these offers do not necessarily include the cost of complex cabling.

Pay close attention to this point before subscribing, as the best Internet provider will not necessarily offer these costs. There will probably be a trade-off between price and quality.

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The installation fees charged by Internet service providers are a common practice in Luxembourg. It allows them to cover the installation of the fibre in your home and your connection to the network. However, some providers may apply additional cabling charges.

We advise you to compare offers on our website and choose the offers that have the mention "Installation offered". If your home does not have a fibre box, or is not wired, we recommend that you ask the operator's customer service whether complex wiring charges may apply to your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does it cost to install fibre in Luxembourg?

These fees vary from provider to provider. They may be free, or they may be charged between €99 and €299. There may also be additional charges for complex wiring (if the installation takes too long). Make sure you compare the installation fees and conditions of each provider. Feel free to consult our comparison of Internet subscriptions to get an idea.

How do I know if the fibre is already installed in my flat?

If your flat is already connected, you will normally have a fibre Internet box in your home, which connects your home Ethernet network to the network. This box is usually located near the entrance, or next to the electrical panel of your flat (but this is not always the case). If you do not have such a box at home, it is probably because your flat is not connected. You will have to ask for an installation. Be careful to allow for any complex wiring costs if you live in a building that is not connected, or in a house, for example.

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