Internet network problem, network breakdown: what to do?

26 May 2022
Probleme internet panne reseau connexion fibre wifi luxembourg

You encounter a Internet problem on your home line? Do you no longer have Wi-Fi or a fibre connection at home? Here are the steps to follow to diagnose and solve your problem.

If your problem only concerns the Wifi

Sometimes it is only the Wi-Fi connection that is a problem (e.g. your landline services such as TV or computers may continue to work, but not your mobile devices).

You no longer have a Wi-Fi connection? The first step is to try to connect to several websites (because sometimes a website can be broken). Wifi still not working? Here is the list to follow to determine where the problem comes from and try to solve it:

Solutions to WiFi connection problems

  1. Check that the Wi-Fi is enabled on the device you are using (It's silly to say, but it happens - after all, to err is human ;)).
  2. Move closer to your Wifi box (if you are too far away, you may not be able to get Internet)
  3. Check that your home network appears in the list of Wifi networks offered on your device (computer or mobile).
    1. If it appears but the Wi-Fi is not working, try disconnecting and reconnecting from the network. If it still doesn't work, try connecting from another device. The problem could be with the configuration of your device (this can happen).
    2. If the network does not appear, check that the Wifi function is activated on your Internet box (On some modems there is a button to switch the Wi-Fi function off and on - we have already encountered this problem on a Fritzbox modem). If you don't know how to do this, please refer to the user manual of the modem.
  4. If this still does not work, try to restart your modem (this usually solves a lot of the problems). To do this, unplug your modem completely from the electrical outlet. Wait 1 minute, then plug it back in. Wait until the main lights turn green and the connection is re-established (this usually takes 1 to 3 minutes). Make sure that the Wi-Fi function is activated after the reboot.
  5. If none of these solutions work, then there may be a problem with the configuration of your modem, or with the hardware itself. In this case, we invite you to turn to the customer service department of your Internet provider, who will be able to tell you the origin of the problem and the steps to take.

However, if you find that the cable Internet is not working either, it means that you have a general breakdown in your home network. Refer to the section below to find out how to fix the problem.

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If your problem concerns all your Internet services (modem, fibre, TV decoder)

You notice that you do not have no internet connection at home? Here's how to diagnose and fix the problem.

Solutions to Internet network problems

Here is a checklist of first steps to take to fix your connection problem:

  1. Restart your Internet modem. This is the most important step and solves most problems. Before testing any other solution, take care to reboot your equipment: unplug it, wait 1 minute, plug it back in, and wait until all services are operational again.
  2. Try different connection methods by Wifi or by Ethernet cable directly connected to your Internet box.
  3. Try to connect from several different devices (computers, mobiles, TV, games consoles). Sometimes the rules of computer firewall can block certain connections and make you think that the problem is with the Internet, when in fact it is with your configuration.
  4. Try to make a flow test to see the problem. If the receive and send values are zero, or if an error message is displayed, then you are indeed experiencing an Internet network failure or a problem with your equipment or connection.
  5. Check your modem connections carefully (the fibre or Ethernet cable at the input, the Ethernet cable that connects the modem to the computer, and the power cable). If you can, try testing other cables (sometimes the problem can be a damaged Ethernet cable). If all the connections are correct and operational, try rebooting it again.
  6. If none of these solutions solves the problem, contact your Internet provider. You can find the support numbers of each Luxembourg supplier on this page.

Your supplier's technical support will ask you to carry out a few operations. You can tell them which ones you have already done using this guide, which will save you time.

Internet problems: common causes of network outages

If the Internet is still not working, the provider will investigate the cause of the problem. There are several possible scenarios:

  • A problem with your equipment (modem, fibre): if the provider identifies that the connection to your home is operational, they may offer to bring your equipment back to the shop and exchange it for a new modem.
  • A problem with the fibre connection to your home If you have a problem with the Internet, it may be that the Internet speed does not reach your home. You may notice that you have no speed if there is no light on the fibre box in your flat. In this case, there may be a connection problem at the fibre cabinet in your building. The provider will then send a team of technicians to repair the problem. They will be able to offer you a 4G modem so that you can have Internet access while waiting for the repairs.
  • A breakdown in the network Sometimes problems on the supplier or infrastructure side have a general impact on the network. This can cause severe slowdowns or even total outages. This is very rare, but it can happen. The good news is that suppliers are quickly informed of these breakdowns. Technical support will be able to tell you if there is a network failure. If this is the case, you should know that they are usually resolved within minutes to hours.

In any case, your provider will be able to tell you the best way to solve your problem. And if you are experiencing repeated outages or problems with the same provider, don't hesitate to change your Internet provider: we offer a comparative table with a selection of subscriptions in Luxembourg that might interest you!

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why does the Internet not work today?

There may be several causes of the problem: it may come from your home, your equipment, your connection or a general network failure. First of all, restart your modem: this will solve most of the problems you encounter. If your connection still does not work, contact the technical support of your Internet provider.

How do I report a fibre or ADSL Internet failure?

To report an Internet failure, contact your provider's technical support (you can find the numbers to call at this page). Your provider will be able to tell you if it is indeed a network failure, and how long it will take to resolve the problem.

What causes fixed Internet outages?

This may be due to a bug in your modem: in most cases, restarting your equipment is enough to solve the problem. Otherwise, it may be due to a problem with your home's fibre optic connection or a network failure. If your connection is still not working despite the advice provided in this guide, contact your provider. They will be able to carry out further checks to determine the exact cause of the problem.

How do I know if the Internet is down?

First of all, restart your Internet box. Then, try to connect by different means (Wifi, Ethernet cable) and with different devices (mobile, computer, TV). If this still does not work, you are experiencing an Internet outage at home.

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