Internet speed: the ranking of providers in Luxembourg

10 June 2022
Internet speed in Luxembourg: which provider to choose?

Are you hesitating to change operator and wondering what the Internet speed is in Luxembourg? You've come to the right place! The reference site SpeedTest has compared its measurements of connection speeds of the providers POST, Tango, Luxembourg Online and Eltrona. Here are the main findings of this study.

Note: The provider Orange Luxembourg is not included in the SpeedTest statements. It has therefore not been included in this article.

Best download speed

Internet speed in Luxembourg

According to SpeedTest, the average download speed in Luxembourg is 185.55 Mbit/sand the upload speed is 114.78 Mbit/s. Compared to other countries in the world, the Grand Duchy is ranked 26th.

To compare download speed, we will use a method employed by Speed Test. We assign each Internet provider a "Speed Score"This is based on 80% for the download speed and 20% for the upload speed. Which makes sense: we download much more data than we send.

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The ranking of the best Internet providers in Luxembourg

Here is the ranking of Luxembourg suppliers that offer the fastest Internet connection, according to SpeedTest data (2022 data):

  1. Eltrona comes in first place, with a Speed Score of 119.65
  2. Tango comes in 2nd place, with 105.18
  3. Visual Online comes in 3rd, with 100.20
  4. Luxembourg Online is 4th in the ranking, with 94.67
  5. POST is 5th with a score of 86.58

At the time of writing, Eltrona is the leader in terms of download and upload performance. The operator is closely followed by Tango. Luxembourg Online and POST are further behind.

So if you're looking for absolute performance when downloading files or games, or watching Netflix in 4K UHD, it might be worth looking at Eltrona or Tango. You can compare their offers on this page.

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The most stable Internet connection in Luxembourg

The importance of Internet latency

The speed of downloading or uploading files is not everything: to get the most out of your Internet offer, you also need a stable, responsive and robust connection. This is why SpeedTest also compares the latency of operators.

Latency (expressed in milliseconds) is the time it takes for information to get from the server to your computer, mobile phone or television, and back again.

The lower the latency, the more responsive the network is, and therefore the more stable your connection will be. This is therefore an important parameter to take into account when choosing a provider.

Latency: the ranking of Internet service providers

Here is the ranking of the best operators in the country, according to latency of their Internet network (still according to SpeedTest measurements in June 2022):

  1. Visual OnlineLuxembourg Online and Tango both topped the rankings, with a 5 ms latency
  2. POST comes in second place, with 6 ms
  3. Eltrona comes last in the ranking, with 10 ms latency. This is almost twice the latency of Luxembourg Online and Tango.

While Eltrona has the best download speed, the provider seems to have the worst latency in Luxembourg, according to the study's measurements. This means that you will have very good speeds, but a less stable connection than with other providers.

The best thing to do is to choose a compromise between speed and latency: Tango or Luxembourg Online may be very good choices for your next Internet subscription, according to this SpeedTest study.

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Good to know The speed of the Internet connection does not only depend on the operator: it also depends on where you live. Some municipalities are better connected to the fibre optic network than others. We recommend that you consult this ranking of the Luxembourg municipalities with the best Internet connection to get an idea.

The best prices for Internet subscriptions

You now know which operators offer the best Internet speed and the most stable connection according to the objective measurements of the SpeedTest website. Now you need to find the offer that combines all these parameters at an attractive price.

In the Grand Duchy, the price of offers changes every month. Most operators offer promotions that vary from month to month:

  • Some of them offer big discounts for the first few months of your subscription
  • Others also offer you the fibre installation costs at home
  • Others can offer you better bandwidth for the same price. You can benefit from double the download speed, for example.

If you are looking for the best Internet subscription at a good price, we advise you to analyse our selection of available offers on this online comparator. You will also be able to find offers from suppliers that are not listed in this SpeedTest study.


Our comparison of Internet operators in Luxembourg is based on two sources:

  • For download speed, latency and connection stability, we use the SpeedTesta leader in web performance measurement;
  • For the comparison of subscriptions, we rely on our own comparison of offers in Luxembourg. This comparison presents a selection of the best Internet subscriptions based on objective criteria, including price. You can find it on this page ;

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