Getting a license plate number for your car in Luxembourg

28 May 2022
car registration luxembourg - car registration application personalized number

You have just arrived in the Grand Duchy and you too would like to have your beautiful Luxembourg plate number? :). Here's everything you need to know about register your vehicle in Luxembourg.

Applying for a license plate number in Luxembourg

Start the process

First of all, you should be aware that your main contact for your procedures will be the SNCA (Société Nationale de Circulation Automobile). It is responsible for vehicle registration in the Grand Duchy.

The registration process in Luxembourg starts with an "application for a license plate number"..

You can make this request electronically:

  • Either on your online space This applies to you if you are already a resident, have a Luxtrust certificate and a MyGuichet account to carry out your administrative procedures online.
  • Or by writing an email to (if you do not yet have an account on or if you are a non-resident).

In both cases, all you have to do is mention in your email that you want to register a vehicle in Luxembourg and that you would like to have a registration number (more information in this article of the SNCA). Don't forget to mention your name, first name and postal address. These details will be used to communicate with the SNCA throughout your application for registration.

The SNCA will then assign you the first available number in its series: you will then have a random plate number which will be sent to you by post. Unless you wish to have a personalised registration number.

Apply for a personalised plate number in Luxembourg

Would you like to request a personalised number? You are not alone: this is a fairly common practice here, as the price of a personalised number is quite low.

To request a personalised number, you can contact by email a wish list to the SNCA (we advise you to communicate several plate numbers, as some will probably already be allocated). Don't forget to rank them in order of preference, so that the first one on your list that is available will automatically be assigned to you.

For your custom number request, you can choose between two formats (for cars only) :

  • 5 figures
  • 2 letters + 4 numbers

You can use either or both of these formats in your application to the SNCA. It's up to you!

Note, however, that you will have to pay additional fee of €50 if you wish to apply for a personalised registration number. This fee will be paid by tax stamp, once you have completed the registration process.

Reservation and allocation of your registration number

In both cases (random or personalised number), you will receive a letter within a few days confirming that the number has been allocated to you and that it is reserved for you. The letter will tell you what to do next, and which forms to fill in to make your application official.

Well done, you have completed the first stage of your application ! However, the adventure does not end there. What happens next depends on the origin of your vehicle.

You are moving to Luxembourg with your car registered abroad

Are you moving to Luxembourg? If so, you will have 6 months to register your car with a Luxembourg plate. This is a legal requirement: your vehicle must be registered in the territory of residence.

Once you have applied for your first plate number, you will need to complete an official application for a vehicle registration certificate.

The application form for registration
Here is the form to fill in once a registration number has been reserved for you.
See the form
car registration luxembourg - car registration application personalized number

You will need to attach several documents to this application. Here are the steps to take:

  1. Pass a technical inspection in an approved garage in Luxembourg (they will give you a certificate to attach to your application for registration). You can call your nearest garage to ask if they do this.
  2. Request a 705 sticker to the customs administration, in order to clear your vehicle through customs. In theory, you will not have to pay any fees if the vehicle is already registered in an EU country.
  3. Attach a copy of the original purchase invoice of the vehicle
  4. Attach a copy of the current registration certificate of the vehicle (vehicle registration document)
  5. Attach a copy of your identity document (passport) and your residence certificate, if you have one
  6. Attach a valid insurance certificate for your vehicle. You need to insure your vehicle with an approved insurance company in Luxembourg. You can find a selection of the best insurance companies in this comparison.
  7. Attaching tax stampsThis is the amount you have to pay for your registration application (€50 for a simple application with a random number, €50 extra for a personalised number).

The complete file can be sent by mail to the SNCA, or dropped off at its offices. The SNCA may in some cases request a translation of the documents provided.

The complete list of documents to be attached to the application for registration can be found at the SNCA website.

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You buy a car in Luxembourg and want to register it

You buy a second-hand car that is already registered in Luxembourg

You will have to apply for a new registration number in the following 2 cases:

  • If the previous owner had requested a personalised number
  • If the current plate number corresponds to the old format

Otherwise, you can keep the current number and simply fill in the application for a vehicle registration certificate. You will not need to apply for a 705 sticker and clear your vehicle through customs.

However, you will need to enclose the usual documents described above (identity documents, purchase invoice, insurance certificate, tax stamps, registration certificate, roadworthiness certificate).

You can find more information on this SNCA article.

You wish to register a new vehicle purchased in Luxembourg

You must first apply for a new plate number (the process is explained earlier in this article).

You will not need to have your vehicle inspected. However, you will still need to clear your vehicle through customs and apply for a 705 sticker.

In addition to the usual documents described above, you will need to attach some special documents such as

  • A European certificate of conformity (which replaces the technical inspection, for new vehicles)
  • A photo of the car manufacturer's plate

This is the procedure to register a new vehicle.

Registering your car in Luxembourg: the price

Registering a vehicle in Luxembourg will cost you 50€.

It will be necessary to count on an additional fee of €50 (two tax stamps) if you wish to obtain a personalised plate number.

These "chancery fees" are paid :

  • in tax stamps. You can buy tax stamps directly from the Administration de l'Enregistrement, des Domaines et de la TVA (AED). The AED has an office in Luxembourg.
  • or by transfer to the EDA. In this case, a simple copy of the proof of transfer will replace the physical tax stamps.

Registration fees in Luxembourg are relatively low compared to the costs of registration in border countries (Belgium, France). This is why many cross-border commuters want to obtain a Luxembourg plate number.

Registration in Luxembourg for a non-resident (French or Belgian)

Non-residents can apply for a Luxembourg plate number provided that you can prove that the vehicle is used to carry out a professional activity in Luxembourg.

This can be done by :

  • A vehicle belonging to a Luxembourg company (leasing, or other)
  • A private vehicle to work in Luxembourgfor an activity subject to Luxembourg tax. In this case, you must prove that you are affiliated to the Luxembourg health insurance scheme. If not, you must be able to prove that you are exempt (for cross-border workers, for example).

These are the only cases in which a frontier worker can register his vehicle in Luxembourg. If you do not work in Luxembourg, or if the vehicle does not belong to a Luxembourg company, it will be impossible to register it in Luxembourg.

Contacting the registration service in Luxembourg

If you have any questions regarding a registration application, you can contact the SNCA, which handles all registration applications in Luxembourg. Here are its contact details:

National Automobile Traffic Company - SNCA
11 Rue de Luxembourg
5230 Sandweiler
Telephone number: 26 62 64 00
Website :

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to register a car in Luxembourg?

To register a car in Luxembourg, you must contact the SNCA by email (at or via MyGuichet. You will first need to reserve a license plate number and then complete the application form. You will need to attach several documents depending on the origin of the vehicle (purchase invoice, roadworthiness certificate, customs clearance sticker, etc.).

Who can register a car in Luxembourg?

Only Luxembourg residents can register their car in Luxembourg. In certain cases, non-residents (Belgian, French, German) can also register their vehicle in the Grand Duchy. However, they will have to prove that they have a professional activity subject to Luxembourg tax. Otherwise, the vehicle must belong to a Luxembourg company.

How to get a Luxembourg plate number?

To get a Luxembourg plate number, you must first apply for a registration number from the SNCA (by email or via MyGuichet). Once you have been allocated a number, you will need to fill in the application form for a registration certificate. You will need to attach several documents, depending on the origin of your vehicle (used car, new car, vehicle imported from abroad, etc.).

Why get a plate in Luxembourg?

Obtaining a Luxembourg plate number is an obligation if you move to Luxembourg with a car brought from abroad. You have 6 months to register your vehicle in the Grand Duchy.

How much does a car registration cost in Luxembourg?

Registering your car in Luxembourg costs €50. To apply for a personalised registration number, you will have to pay an additional fee of €50. This fee is payable in tax stamps, which can be obtained from the Administration de l'Enregistrement, des Domaines et de la TVA (AED). The AED has offices in Luxembourg: you can go to the reception desk to pay your tax stamps.

How can I get a personalised plate number in Luxembourg?

To request a personalised registration number, simply send an email to SNCA. We advise you to request several numbers. The SNCA will assign you the first available registration number from your list. You will have to pay an additional fee of €50 if you request a personalised registration number.

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