Cross-border commuters: which mobile package to choose in Luxembourg?

3 June 2022
Cross-border commuters: compare mobile packages in Luxembourg

Are you a cross-border commuter living in France, Belgium or Germany and working in Luxembourg? Then you're probably wondering whether you should take out a mobile package in the Grand Duchy. If so, which one should you choose? All the answers are in this article!

Keeping your cross-border subscription: advantages and disadvantages

At Switchr we know the subject well. We moved to Luxembourg a few years ago. Due to the high prices of mobile packages in Luxembourg, we initially opted to keep our foreign package.

But we soon realised thathaving a Luxembourg number is a real assetfor several reasons...

1. Essential for working in Luxembourg

If you work in the Grand Duchy, you are likely to use your personal phone to make some business calls. In principle, this is not a problem, as you probably have a package that includes unlimited calls throughout Europe.

Except that, as in any country, Luxembourgers are wary of foreign telephone numbers. And when you want to do business, you need the person you are talking to to answer the phone.

If you want to improve your image with professionals, we advise you to take a Luxembourg mobile package.

2. Practical for going out after work

In Luxembourg, a large part of life is spent with colleagues. 47% of the population is expatriate This means that you build your social network at work. That's probably why there are so many bars and after parties in the Grand Duchy!

Although some kiosks offering free public WiFi are installed in the city, it's still better to have Internet access on your mobile wherever you are.

If you go out a lot, like to show videos to your colleagues or listen to music on your way home: we advise you to take a package in the Grand Duchy. If not, then yes: keep your French, Belgian or German number 😊.

3. An asset for job and housing searches

When you are looking for a flat or a job, you will quickly notice that demand is very high in Luxembourg. You need something to set you apart from the competition.

  • To obtain accommodation : You should know that most of the owners are Luxembourgish. They will answer much more easily if you call them with a "+352" number. In other words, you will have more chances to visit the flat of your dreams;
  • To get a job : Even if the working environment is multicultural, you should show that you are already familiar with the Grand Duchy. This will set you apart from other candidates for the same position. Displaying a beautiful "+352" on your future manager's screen will create a connection with them, and you will probably talk about Luxembourg during the interview! You will have a clear advantage over the competition.

For all these reasons, we advise you to opt for a Luxembourg phone number. But not at any price!

The right mobile package for you
Compare packages in Luxembourg and find the best one for your needs.
Compare packages
Cross-border commuters: compare mobile packages in Luxembourg

Which package should I choose for a border worker?

In Luxembourg, there are a handful of operators and great disparities in prices between mobile packages. You can find packages for €10 or €20, and others that cost up to €100 per month. It's best to compare offers before choosing the right one!

The cheapest mobile offers

There are several €0 mobile packages (although the price is misleading, as you will pay for your consumption). In short, you will have a SIM card, a number...and that's it! You can be called for free from Europe, but you will be charged for every call you make. The same goes for mobile data.

How difficult it is to control your expenses with such offers, especially when you are a cross-border commuter and travelling between two countries, we do not recommend these packages.

International mobile offers for travelling abroad

Some offers include unlimited calls to Luxembourg, Europe, the USA and China. They also include a very large volume of data abroad (from 60 GB to 100 GB per month, or even unlimited in certain areas!). Most of these packages also include numerous options (unlimited access to the national press, subscriptions to certain streaming platforms, etc.).

These offers are generally expensive, but some suppliers stand out with very attractive offers. We advise you to consult the tab "International" of this comparative table to see our selection of the best offers at the moment.

The best value for money

The best value for money offers usually include :

  • Unlimited calls in Luxembourg and Europe
  • More than 25 GB of mobile Internet per month in Europe (in some cases you may find unlimited data volume depending on the current offers).

These mobile packages cost 40 € to 50 € per month. For this price, you will have a Luxembourg number, and you will be able to make calls and watch videos in Luxembourg without worries.

If you don't have unlimited data, be sure to turn off 4G or 5G when you get home, and switch your phone to home WiFi!

Finally, before choosing a mobile package, we invite you to compare the offers available in Luxembourg. You can do this in this comparative tableHere we present a selection of Luxembourg mobile packages. You can filter the results according to your needs: best value, cheapest packages, or international packages.

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