Moving leave: how does it work in Luxembourg?

26 May 2022
How many days of holiday do I need to take to move to Luxembourg? How do I apply for holiday?

Are you looking to move to a new house or flat in Luxembourg? Depending on your situation, you may be entitled to days off to move, so that you can settle into your new home with peace of mind. We explain everything in this guide.

What is the purpose of a relocation leave?

Moving holidays are "exceptional holidays" that allow you to take time to manage the steps involved in your move.

In Luxembourg, the law allows you to take two days' relocation leave.

However, there are two conditions for benefiting from it:

  1. You must provide a proof of identity to your employer, in order to legitimise your request and allow him to grant you this leave. This proof of change of address can be, for example
    1. your new lease
    2. the notarial deed of your new property
    3. a bill indicating your new address (energy, Internet, home insurance)
  2. You must take this leave at the time of the event. You will not be able to take your moving leave several weeks before or after you move.

In Luxembourg, your employer will be obliged to grant you these days at the time the event occurs. The only condition for your application to be accepted is that you provide proof.

Limits to relocation leave

This exceptional leave is limited by Luxembourg law:

  • you will only be able to request itonce every 3 years with the same employer
  • If you change employer in the meantime, you can apply for relocation leave again. However, you will still have to provide proof of this.
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How to request and apply for your moving leave

Once you know the date of your move, you can ask your employer for time off. A word of advice: make arrangements as soon as possible. As soon as you know your moving date, tell your manager or your Human Resources department.

Secondly, the number of days of leave to be taken depends on your situation.

You work for a Luxembourg company

If your employment contract is governed by Luxembourg law, then you are subject to Luxembourg law which provides for two days' leave for moving to a new housing. Nevertheless, the you may be entitled to more days. It all depends on the collective agreement of your company (some may provide for 3 days for example).

The days off for moving are valid:

  • if you move to luxembourgish territory (if you move from Luxembourg to Dudelange for example)
  • if you move to a border country which has an agreement with the Grand Duchy (France, Belgium, Germany).

If you do not know how many days you are entitled to for your move, contact your company's human resources department. They will be able to give you information.

You work for a company based abroad

If you work for a company based abroad and you move to Luxembourg, there are two scenarios:

  1. Either you continue to work for the same companyYou are now based in Luxembourg. In this case, depending on your contract and the company's collective agreement, you may or may not be entitled to relocation leave. This really depends on the situation. Ask your company's human resources department whether your contract or agreement provides for extraordinary leave for a move. However, if you are transferred for professional reasons, you should be entitled to some days off.
  2. Either you change companies and take up a new job. In this case, you will not be able to take advantage of relocation leave, as you will be obliged to resign from the company in order to accept the new position.

Is it possible to get several extraordinary days off in a row in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg provides for a number of special holidays for different major life events. For example:

  • For a marriageyou have 3 days of leave
  • For a partnership statementis 1 day off
  • For the birth of a childthe father has 10 days of leave

And in Luxembourg, you can accumulate these extraordinary days. For example, if you get married and move house at the same time, you can combine these days and take them together. This would give you 5 days' leave, i.e. a full week to manage your wedding and your move. But be careful, extraordinary leave can only be taken at the time of the event. You will therefore have to combine your wedding and your move (there is a better way to spend your honeymoon!).

You can find more information on extraordinary leave at this article.

And if you are moving to Luxembourg soon, check out this guide to move ! Administrative procedures, home insurance, Internet subscription, bank account... We explain all the steps to make your move a success.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How many days can I get to move to a new house in Luxembourg?

In Luxembourg, you can request 2 days of extraordinary leave for a move. Your company's collective agreement may provide for more days. However, it may not provide for fewer days of removal leave than the law provides for.

How do I apply for a leave to move?

Just talk to your manager or your company's human resources department. Your employer is obliged to grant you leave to move if the dates match the timing of the event.

What proof of moving leave is required?

You can provide your rental agreement, your property deed (if you are buying), or any other bill showing the new address (home insurance policy, electricity bill, internet bill, etc.). This should be enough to prove that you have moved.

When should you move?

Talk to your employer as soon as you know the date of your move. Then you must take your moving days at the time of the event. You cannot take them before or after the move.

How much notice do I need to give to apply for leave to move?

There is no particular notice period to be observed in the case of a leave to move. The sooner the better.

Who is entitled to days off for moving to a new house?

Every employee is entitled to two days' relocation leave every three years with the same employer. If the employee changes employer within three years, he or she can apply for relocation leave again when moving again.

How many days can I get to move to a new house in Luxembourg?

Employees with a Luxembourg employment contract can request 2 days' moving leave. However, the company's collective agreement may provide for more days of leave.

Can my employer refuse my relocation leave?

No, this is not allowed. Under Luxembourg law, the employer is obliged to grant your extraordinary leave at the time the event occurs. However, you must provide proof of your move.

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