How to get a free Luxtrust in Luxembourg?

12 March 2022
Get a free Luxtrust in Luxembourg: luxtrust app, token, certificate

You have just arrived in Luxembourg and wish to obtain a Luxtrust token to do your online procedures? Then you have probably realised that you have to pay to get one. But there is a way to get one for free: we explain everything in this article!

What is the Luxtrust certificate?

Definition and operation

Luxtrust is a digital identity certificate that is mandatory for certain procedures and transactions in Luxembourg. This certificate ensures that it is you (and only you) who sign an official document or seek access to a secure service.

This is how access to an online service works with this authentication method:

  1. The service asks you for your Luxtrust login and password
  2. You approve the connection or the transaction via your Luxtrust authentication method (mobile, token, smart card)
  3. You can access the service!

In Luxembourg, there are some particularities with the official authentication method:

  • You have to pay your Luxtrust (except in some cases where it is free: we discuss this below).
  • The Luxtrust token costs between €50 and €150 (or even more if you want a physical version soon)
  • Luxtrust certificates are issued for a period of 3 years. After this period, you will have to buy a new one.
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A service managed by a private company

If this is the first time you have heard of it, you may be surprised: Luxtrust is not a service of the Luxembourg State. It is not a public service or offered by an administration.

It is in fact a private company which secures access to many services and companies in Luxembourg. However, this past company has an agreement with the government of the Grand Duchy to strengthen the security of access to state services for citizens. Rest assured, this is not a scam: it is a reliable and official means of authentication.

Services for which the certificate is mandatory

You will need such a certificate for all your daily activities:

  • To view your bank accounts online in Luxembourg: you will be asked to authenticate when you log in to your account
  • For approve a payment or purchase on the Internet if you use a Luxembourg bank card
  • To access (the government's online service). This will be useful for all your administrative procedures (tax return, Covid vaccination appointment, application for a public job, etc.)
  • For file a complaint online to the police (following a theft or burglary, for example).
  • To sign a online contract with some service providers. However, this is still a rare case.

Services for which it is not mandatory

If you have just moved to Luxembourg, you should know that having a token is not compulsory for your essential procedures.

You can live without Luxtrust easily if :

  • You use your foreign bank for all your daily banking transactions
  • You send your tax returns by mailas well as any other request or form to the Luxembourg Administration
  • You physically go to the police station when you have to file a complaint

However, we strongly recommend that you order a Luxtrust: it will be very useful when you need it. It's better to think ahead! The good news is that it costs you nothing. You can get a Luxtrust for free, in just a few hours.

The different types of certificates

There are different methods of authentication in Luxembourg.

Each has its advantages and disadvantages:

  • The Luxtrust mobile application : This is undoubtedly the fastest and most efficient solution. If you have a smartphone, we recommend that you use the mobile application!
    • Activation delay : 20 minutes to 48 hours
    • Cost: between €50 (if identity verification is carried out on site) and € 105 (if done remotely)
    • Duration of validity: 3 years
  • The token : It is a small key with a screen that generates a numerical code. This code changes constantly. You will be asked for it every time you need to authenticate yourself. The token is a reliable method for those who do not use their smartphone often. However, it is expensive and you should not lose it.
    • Delivery time to your home : 1 week
    • Cost: approximately €80
    • Duration of validity: 3 years
  • The smart card (or "SmartCard"): this is a card similar to your bank card. For each operation or transaction, you have to insert it into a box connected to your computer. You then have to enter your PIN code to authorise the transaction. This method is not very practical, as it involves systematically connecting to a computer. You will not be able to access your bank's mobile application, for example.
    • Delivery time to you: 2 weeks
    • Cost: between €130 (on site) and €200 (with identity verification by video conference). This price does not include the cost of the box, which must also be ordered for the card to work.
    • Duration of validity: 3 years

Other products, such as Luxtrust scan, exist, but they are less practical, rather expensive, and not widely used. We have not included them in this article.

In the end, we strongly recommend that you use the mobile application: It has the greatest compatibility with a maximum number of services. It is also the most convenient and cheapest authentication method: you will be able to access all services, whether you are on your phone or your computer.

If you wish to consult the Luxtrust products or to buy one of them, simply go to this site. Nevertheless, it is possible to get a token for free. Here is how...

How to get a free Luxtrust

If you wish to obtain a free Luxtrust tokenTo do this, all you need to do is open a bank account with a Luxembourg bank.

Most banks offer a free Luxtrust, valid for a period of 3 years. This allows banks to attract new customers easily.

If you only want a token, you can even choose to open a free bank account! (Check however that the bank offers a free Luxtrust for the type of account chosen).

Here is how to get your free Luxtrust certificate:

  1. Compare the offers of bank accounts in Luxembourg and choose the best
  2. Click on "See the offer"
  3. Apply for an account on the bank's website
  4. Choose the authentication method you prefer: we recommend that you choose the mobile application
  5. You will receive a link by email inviting you to activate your Luxtrust product: follow the instructions indicated in the email...
    1. Download the Luxtrust mobile application on theApp Store or the Google Play Store
    2. Prepare your passport, and get ready to be filmed via your phone's camera, to verify your identity
    3. You will be put in touch with an advisor who will ask you a few questions (name, first name, date of birth) for about ten minutes. They will also ask you to film your passport from different angles to check that it is a genuine identity document.
  6. A few hours later (48 hours maximum), you will receive a confirmation by email and SMS.
  7. Go to the Luxtrust mobile application to activate your certificate with the provided login and password.
  8. The verification of your identity will be validated! You will be able to use Luxtrust to finalise the opening of your bank account, and for all other administrative procedures in Luxembourg!
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I have just moved to Luxembourg: do I need a token?

You will not need it for the first steps you will have to take on the spot, namely :

  • Declare your arrival as a new resident at the municipal administration
  • Registering your vehicle in Luxembourg
  • Take out your contracts (car and home insuranceenergy, internet, mobile).

However, you will need it within a few months of your arrival if you wish to :

  • Having a bank account in Luxembourg
  • Filing your taxes online
  • Access your health insurance reimbursement details (NHA)
  • Claiming child benefit
  • Print your residence certificate
  • Requesting an extract from the criminal record

All these services (except for the bank account) can be accessed via the private space for managing all these administrative procedures in Luxembourg.

While this should not be your number one priority when arriving in Luxembourg, we recommend that you apply for a Luxtrust within a few months of moving in.

Apply for a Luxembourg bank account, and you'll get it for free!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is a Luxtrust certificate?

This is the official authentication method in Luxembourg. It allows you to have a digital identity. Luxtrust allows you to access your bank accounts online, or to carry out numerous administrative procedures via (tax declaration, family allowance application, access to CNS health reimbursements, etc.).

What is a Luxtrust token?

It is the means by which you can authenticate yourself to access many online services. Luxtrust tokens (or authentication methods) include: the Luxtrust mobile application, the physical token, or the SmartCard (a smart card to be used with a box).

How to obtain a Luxtrust?

To obtain a Luxtrust token, simply go to the "Products" page of the Luxtrust website. You can purchase an authentication method and choose whether you want to perform your first identity verification on site or via video conference. Depending on your choice, the price will be

Where can I find my Luxtrust ID?

Your ID is in the confirmation email and SMS that was sent to you after your product was activated. You can find it by searching on your phone or in your mailbox. If you are unable to find it, please contact Luxtrust customer service at this number: 24 550 550.

How do I reset my Luxtrust password?

Forgot your Luxtrust password? You can easily reset it by logging on to the page available at this link. You will receive a code by SMS that will allow you to set a new password. You will have access to your Luxtrust account again within a few minutes.

How to activate luxtrust mobile?

To activate the mobile application, simply follow the instructions received by email after your purchase. If you have chosen remote identity verification, you will be put in touch with an advisor via a video call. The advisor will ask you for some basic information (first name, surname, date of birth, etc.) and will take photos of your passport. Once these verifications have been carried out, your luxtrust mobile will be activated within 20 minutes to 48 hours.

How much does a Luxtrust token cost?

A token costs between €50 and €150, depending on the medium chosen (mobile application, physical token, smart card). The price also varies depending on the method of identity verification. If you want to verify your identity on site, it will be cheaper. If you want it to be done remotely (by video conference), it will be more expensive.

How to get a free Luxtrust?

All you have to do is open a Luxembourg bank account: most banks offer you your Luxtrust. Attention: the product is valid for 3 years. After this period, you will have to pay for the renewal of this means of authentication, at a price ranging from €50 to €150.

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