The guide to moving to Luxembourg

17 March 2022
Moving to Luxembourg - all the steps to take to settle in or move in as a new resident

Are you planning to move to Luxembourg? Or have you just moved in? If you're wondering what the essential steps are for a new Luxembourg resident, you've come to the right place!

Here is a checklist of the steps you need to take to successfully move in as a new resident.

1. Declare your arrival to the administration

How to register

As soon as you arrive, you should think about registering with the commune in which you are moving. This is a compulsory formality here: the Grand Duchy wants to make sure that you are settling legally on its territory, and that you are registered with the Administration.

Here are the steps to follow to register in Luxembourg:

  • Visit the website of your municipality of residence to find out what documents you need to bring. To register as a new resident, you will usually be asked for a identity documenta employment contract (or a letter of employment) and your family documents if you are coming as a family or as a couple (marriage contract, family record book, civil partnership contract, etc.). You may be asked for other documents.
  • Prepare your documents, go to the town hall and remember to bring some change: some communes ask for €5 to register.
  • The municipal staff will register you and give you a certificate of registrationin the form of a small card
  • You will also receive a residence certificate (this will be very useful for the following steps). You may also be charged a few euros for this certificate (usually €5).

And that's it! You are officially a Luxembourg resident. Congratulations!

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Health insurance in Luxembourg

In Luxembourg, everyone should be covered by health insurance (the NSC). This is an obligation. The Grand Duchy wants to guarantee access to health care for everyone, and that is a good thing.

To benefit from health coverage, you must be in one of the following three situations:

  • Having a Luxembourg employment contract
  • Be registered as a job seeker (and therefore have previously worked in the Grand Duchy)
  • Paying for health insurance "volunteer"(more than a hundred euros per month). You will be in this case if you have a self-employed business, for example. The only condition is that you must not be covered by the health insurance of another country at the same time. It is therefore impossible to telework in Luxembourg for a foreign company if you are affiliated to another health scheme.

If you come from abroad and do not yet have a job in Luxembourg

Are you following your spouse who has just got a job in Luxembourg? You haven't found a job here yet? Then here's what you really need to know:

  • It is essential that your employment contract is a contract under Luxembourg law. This is in order to pay your contributions here and to benefit from health insurance (the CNS). In short: you cannot reside in Luxembourg and work for a company with a foreign contract. However, some companies (called "payroll providers") can help your employer to convert your employment contract into a Luxembourg contract.
  • If you are not a Luxembourg employee, you will have to apply for a cancellation from the health insurance scheme in your home country to be able to pay for "voluntary" health insurance in Luxembourg.
  • In some cases, Luxembourg may allow you time to find a job. You will need to prove that you are actively searching (by providing a CV, letters of recommendation, and any evidence that you are seeking employment).

Moving to Luxembourg: getting your marriage or civil partnership (PACS) recognised

The Luxembourg tax system is particularly advantageous for married or civil union residents. Have you just arrived in Luxembourg as a couple or with your family? Be aware that you will need to have your marriage or civil partnership recognised by the authorities in order to benefit from these tax deductions.

  • To have your marriage contract concluded abroad, all you need to do is provide your identity documents and the marriage document. Find the complete procedure on this page.
  • To have your PACSIf you are not sure whether you are eligible for the tax credit, you will have to provide more documents (birth certificates, partnership contract with legalized signature), but it is worth it! You can save several thousand euros per year on your taxes. You can find the complete procedure at this link.

Attention: if your marriage or civil partnership contract is in a language other than French, English or German, you will need to have it translated by a sworn translator.

2. Open new contracts and subscriptions

Have you found your home on atHome or Immotop and are you ready to move in? Here are some recommendations. You can also find our selection of the best subscriptions for your move on this page.

Compulsory insurance

  • Home insurance : This is the first contract you will have to take out, even before arriving in the Grand Duchy. Home insurance is compulsory before you move in. It protects your home in the event of a claim (water damage, flooding, natural disaster, theft, burglary, etc.). In Luxembourg, the guarantees vary from one insurer to another: we recommend that you analyse all the coverages on this page. home insurance comparator.
  • Car insurance : In Luxembourg, the car is king. Even though public transport is free, many residents take their car every morning to go to work. Do you want to import your own car, or buy one in Luxembourg? In either case, you will need to have it insured here. As with home insurance, there are many differences between the cover offered. To compare them and find the best one, see this ranking.
How to register your car in Luxembourg?
Are you importing your car from abroad? Here's how to register it in the Grand Duchy.
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Energy contracts (gas, electricity)

In Luxembourg, there are very few gas or electricity suppliers. You can choose between Enovos, SudStroum and Electris. The tariffs are roughly similar, and some offer special options, depending on your consumption and your wishes:

  • You can opt for a fixed rate per kWh all year round, or for a difference in price between peak and off-peak hours
  • You can choose to finance a electricity 100% Renewable
  • Some suppliers even offer to pay for electricity 100% Renewable and local (with Luxembourg wind turbines)

If you are planning to buy a electric carIf you want to charge your car in Luxembourg, you should analyse the offers carefully: suppliers offer special subscriptions to reduce the cost of charging your Tesla, Hyundai, Volkswagen, or any other electric model. To find out more about charging an electric car in Luxembourg, see this article.

Telecom subscriptions (Internet, TV, mobile)

In Luxembourg, there is a real price difference between telecom providers. Compared to other countries, there are also additional costs, such as Internet fibre installation costs or the modem rental fee.

  • Internet If you want a good speed at the best price, go for a fibre offer with 500 Mb/s or 1 Gb/s download speed. For such an offer, prices vary greatly from one provider to another. Check out this Internet offers comparator to find the right subscription for you.
  • Television in LuxembourgTV: TV is not included in the basic Internet packages. To benefit from it, you will have to pay an additional option that will give you access to a certain number of channels and recording hours. This is the ideal solution if you want to receive foreign television. The comparison of TV and Internet offers is available here.
  • Mobile : While packages cost a little more than in other European countries, it is essential to have a "+352" number if you want to do business in Luxembourg. Thinking of taking out a subscription here? We advise you to consult our selection of the best mobile packages Luxembourg.

Another important thing to know in Luxembourg: most contracts are for a period of 2 years. You will not be able to cancel before then without paying penalties. It is therefore important to take the time to compare the offers in order to choose the one that suits you best.

Moving: which subscriptions to choose in Luxembourg?
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3. Opening a bank account in Luxembourg

The question divides new residents: should you really open a bank account in Luxembourg?

Yes, for several reasons:

  • You can benefit from a token Luxtrust free : is your digital identity in Luxembourg. It is a digital authentication method that allows you to access all government services online (taxes, health reimbursements, family allowance applications, residence certificates, etc.). Even if having a Luxtrust is not essential in the first few months after you settle in, you will absolutely need one after your first year in Luxembourg. And a Luxtrust token can cost €50 to €150 if you buy it yourself. We advise you to open a bank account to get one for free!
  • You can get money back on your taxes: In Luxembourg, you can deduct many expenses from your tax returns each year. These include liability contributions (home insurance, car insurance). But you can also deduct the interest on your loans, your housing savings, or part of the payments into your pension plan. All these products can only be opened with a bank, and require you to open a bank account in Luxembourg.

As with energy suppliers, insurers, or telecoms operators, banks offer very different current accounts and prices. To make it easier for you to compare, we have put together this selection of the best bank accounts in Luxembourg.

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4. Carry out the first administrative procedures (health reimbursements, taxes)

You've found a job, and now you're wondering how to take the essential steps for your life in the Grand Duchy? Here is the guide.

CNS reimbursements: how does it work?

When you go to the doctor in Luxembourg, you have to pay in advance for health care (unlike France, for example, which practices "tiers-payant").

Here is the procedure for claiming reimbursement of your health costs:

  1. You pay your doctor after the consultation (by card, cash or bank transfer)
  2. You will need to send the doctor's bill to the National Health Fund Luxembourg at the following address Caisse nationale de santé, Remboursements, L-2980 Luxembourg, Luxembourg. You do not need to put any postage on your mail if you send it from Luxembourg. Enclose your IBAN if this is your first claim.
  3. The CNS will reimburse you for your health costs within 1 to 3 months.

The CNS will reimburse the social security part. You will have to pay the remaining part: the mutual insurance part. If you have a mutual insurance company, you must send it a statement of the CNS reimbursements. This statement will be sent to you by post after each reimbursement. You will also have access to it via your Myguichet.luusing a Luxtrust token.

Good to know: You will not have to pay in advance if your expenses are related to...

  • the purchase of medicines in pharmacies
  • hospitalization costs
  • health laboratory fees (for blood samples, for example).

Declaring your taxes

It is possible to declare your taxes online in the Grand Duchy. To declare your income, expenses and deductions, simply fill in form 100 provided by the Administration.

  • If you are a resident : you can file your tax return online on your space, provided you have a Luxtrust. To find out how to obtain it free of charge, we advise you to read this article.
  • If you are not a resident : you will need to complete your Form 100 and send it to your tax office. Under certain conditions, you can also send it online. You will need to remember to declare your household income from abroad, as this will determine your tax rate.

In any case, to complete your declaration, you will need a salary certificate provided by your employer. You can find this document in the online space provided by your employer. If you do not know where to find it, contact your Human Resources team!

Possible tax deductions

It is possible to save several hundred euros on your taxes each year easily. Here is everything you can deduct from your Luxembourg tax return:

  • The civil liabilities your car and home insurance (refer to the certificate sent to you each year by your insurer)
  • The interest expense your current loans (car loan, consumer loan, property loan, etc.)
  • Part of your housing savings
  • Part of the payments to your pension plan

Your bank advisor will be the best person to help you optimise your tax situation. If you want to find the best bank to open an account in Luxembourg, consult this classification of current accounts.

Family allowances

It is possible to benefit from several types of aid in the Grand Duchy. The most common are :

  • A birth grant
  • Family allowance (for the child up to the age of 18)
  • A back-to-school allowance

To apply for an allowance, you need to fill in a form and send it to the Caisse Nationale des Prestations Familiales (the CAE). More information at on the Fund's website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it worth moving to Luxembourg?

This can lead to better pay than in most European countries. You will work with colleagues of all nationalities. All your activities will be within a few minutes drive or public transport. If you like international environments and an environment that combines urban and natural settings, then the Grand Duchy is for you!

Can I emigrate to Luxembourg?

To emigrate to Luxembourg, you need to be a national of a European country and have a Luxembourg employment contract. You can then easily register as a resident. If you come from a country outside the European Union, you must apply for a residence permit from the Immigration Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, before you enter the country. You will also need to present a promise of employment or an employment contract.

Is it easy to settle in Luxembourg?

As long as you have a job, you can easily settle in Luxembourg! However, if you do not have a job, you will be asked to leave the country after 3 months (the maximum duration for a tourist stay).

Can foreigners live in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is home to over a hundred different nationalities! It is the number one country for expatriates and this can be felt everywhere: in companies, cafés, bars and all events organised in the country. Foreigners appreciate Luxembourg for its dynamism, its proximity to nature and for the open-mindedness of its residents.

Do we speak English in Luxembourg?

English is a language that is widely used in professional circles, for a simple reason: many international companies have their headquarters in the country (Amazon, Deloitte, Microsoft, PWC...). Many business people also speak this language. If you speak English, you will have no problem making yourself understood here!

Do people speak French in Luxembourg?

French is the first language spoken, apart from Luxembourgish. Practically all the inhabitants speak this language. All the shopkeepers you will meet will speak French. You should also know that every day, hundreds of thousands of cross-border workers come from Belgium and France to work in the Grand Duchy. French is therefore widely used in Luxembourg.

What are the procedures for moving to Luxembourg?

Moving to Luxembourg? Here is the list of things to do:
1. Declare your arrival to the Administration. You will receive a residence card.
2. Open all the contracts necessary for your life in the Grand Duchy (insurance, energy, Internet, mobile)
3. Open a bank account and request a Luxtrust token
4. Carry out your first administrative procedures (health reimbursements, taxes)

How do I claim a health reimbursement from the NHA?

In Luxembourg, you usually have to pay for your health care in advance. Here's how to claim reimbursement:
1. Pay your doctor: he or she will provide you with a medical bill
2. Send the invoice to the NSC (with a copy of your IBAN if this is your first application)
3. The NSC will reimburse you to the bank account provided within 1 to 3 months

Where should I send my invoice for a health reimbursement?

Send your doctor's bill to the following address Caisse nationale de santé, Remboursements, L-2980 Luxembourg, Luxembourg.
You don't need to put a stamp on the envelope: it is free of charge throughout Luxembourg.

How to declare your taxes in Luxembourg?

To declare your income to the tax authorities, download form 100 and fill it in on your computer using Acrobat Reader. You can then save it on your Don't forget to attach your supporting documents (salary certificate, insurance certificates) and sign the document online, then send in your tax return. More information at this link.

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