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✔️ Everyday security (legal protection, travel insurance)
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✔️ Extended warranties (replacement equipment, multimedia pack)
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Our tips for choosing the right protection for you

What is the best home insurance in Luxembourg?

In Luxembourg, a good home policy will offer you a liabilitya legal protection (defence and recourse) and will cover you against the most common risks :

  • Fires
  • Water damage
  • Natural disasters
  • Glass and window breakage
  • Theft and vandalism
  • Electrical damage (e.g. due to power surges on the network)

These risks are covered by most insurance policies in Luxembourg. Some insurances will also offer you some additional coversas : 

  • Coverage for your personal effects worldwide
  • The replacement or refund of your damaged appliance
  • Protecting your outdoor furniture
  • Coverage for your multimedia and electronic devices

For a 90m2 flat with cellar and parking in Luxembourg, you can find very good home insurance for €25 to €35 per month.

Some insurance companies will also offer you optional extras, such as enhanced legal protection or cover for your leisure items (bikes, skis, scooters, etc.). It's up to you, depending on your budget and your wishes.

If you are looking for cheap home insurance in Luxembourg...

The cheapest home insurance can cost you only 15 € to 20 € per month for a 90m² apartment in Luxembourg. But beware, they generally do not include protection against certain risks that we consider essential.

For example, some insurance policies do not include :

  • cover against burglary or robbery
  • or against the risks of natural disasters, storms or hail.

If the prices can be attractive, we still advise you to opt for an insurance policy with more comprehensive coverEven if it means paying a few extra euros per month.

Indeed, with global warming, the risks of natural disasters (storms, floods) are increasing. By protecting yourself against these risks, your home will be well covered, and you will have peace of mind!

Feel free to compare the coverages offered in our selection of the best home insurance policiesThen ask them for a quote to compare their prices.

Which insurance company to choose?

In Luxembourg, there are four main insurers: AXA home insurance, Bâloise, Foyer and LaLux. The basic coverages for home insurance are relatively similar from one insurer to another.

However, you can see two main differences:

  1. Some insurance companies do not include certain essential guarantees in their minimum cover. This includes, for example, cover against natural disasters or burglary;
  2. Price differences between similar offers can be significant.

For all these reasons, if you are looking for a good insurance policy for your home, we recommend that you proceed as follows:

  1. Compare the cover offered in each offer selection
  2. Ask for several personalised quotes, then compare prices to find excellent coverage at a reasonable price.
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Home insurance comparison: how to find the best offer?

Finding the best cover for your home

In Luxembourg, it is essential to have good home insurance. First and foremost, burglary is on the rise in residences in and around Luxembourg (Bertrange, Mamer, Strassen).

Secondly, as the demand for real estate is very high in the country, many buildings are built near flood zones. Your garage or cellar could be affected by a flood. And depending on the insurance you choose, you may not be covered or reimbursed for the damage.

Some Luxembourgers have suffered several damages in recent years: 

  • Many were victims of the floods in the summer of 2021 which affected a large part of the country. Fortunately, the Grand Duchy recognised the state of natural disaster, which allowed many people to be reimbursed for the damage suffered during the disaster.
  • Thefts of electric bicycles are on the rise, even within residences. These bikes are expensive (over €1000). And when they are stolen without a break-in, reimbursements are difficult to obtain. Fortunately, some insurances offer additional guarantees to cover your leisure objects (bikes, scooters, etc.).

We strongly advise you to choose an insurance policy that offers very good coverage in advance. You will not regret it.

Save on your home insurance policy

When you compare different quotes for the same property to be insured, you can see that there are sometimes significant price differences between insurance companies.

To save on your home insurance, here are our tips:

  • Firstly, compare insurance coverage the range of offers you are interested in. We have made it easy for you by offering you a selection of 3 home insurance policies for each category (Top, Eco, Premium).
  • Then ask for a quote from each insurance company you choose. They will be able to tailor your price according to the options you choose and the value of the goods to be insured in your home.
  • Finally, choose the cheapest insurance with equivalent cover. If an insurance is slightly more expensive but offers interesting additional guarantees, it may be wise to choose this one!

If you are already committed to your insurance, see this guide to find out how to cancel your insurance.

How to get reimbursed in the event of a claim

Have you suffered water damage? Or a natural disaster? Do you need to be rehoused? By taking the time to compare home insurance policies in advance, you will know exactly what your cover is. You will know which costs can be reimbursed.

During the recent floods in the Grand Duchy, several Luxembourgers had to be rehoused in hotels as a matter of urgency while waiting to find decent accommodation.

  • Some knew what package they were entitled to per night in a hotel, and were reimbursed 100% by their insurance.
  • Others, not knowing that they were entitled to be rehoused, remained in their homes without hot water or electricity for almost two weeks.

So keep in mind that it is important to be aware of the coverage offered by your next home insurance policy. This will be very useful in the event of a claim.

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How to choose an insurance for your flat in Luxembourg?

Theft, fire, water damage... Check the basic coverages carefully

In Luxembourg, not all home insurance policies offer the same coverage: Civil liability is not compulsory for example. Some insurances do not offer coverage against floods or natural disasters.

To ensure that you have the minimum effective cover, take care to choose an insurance that offers :

  • From basic guarantees (civil liability and minimum legal protection). We have indicated this at the top of each offer. Our selections only include home insurance policies that offer these basic guarantees.
  • A assistance (to help you in the event of a claim). Almost all insurances offer a reactive and available assistance 7/7.
  • A cover against fires, water damage, natural disasters, theft and vandalism, glass breakage and risks of storms/hail. The vast majority of the home insurance policies in our selection contain this coverage.

Don't hesitate to choose an insurance policy that offers additional guarantees and enhanced legal protection: you will benefit from valuable assistance in the event of a dispute.

Compare the options offered by each home insurance policy

Some of the Luxembourg insurance companies offer interesting optional options, such as :  

  • A re-equipment or reimbursement of the electronic devices (computers, phones, tablets, speakers, TV) stolen or broken
  • Reimbursement for personal effects stolen worldwide
  • A protection of the outdoor furniture (garden, barbecue, tables, chairs, pool)
  • Insurance for solar panels, heat pumps and other means of renewable energy production.

Most of these differentiating options are mentioned in the "Benefits" section of each offer. The mention "Super Extras" indicates those insurances that offer an interesting number of differentiating covers.

Choose an insurance you can trust

Beyond guarantees, coverage and price, opt for insurance that gives you peace of mind. This is the role of insurance above all: it must be able to reassure you and protect you in the event of a disaster affecting your home.

If the insurance agent is responsive, responds quickly and advises you in a humane manner, this is a good sign! This means thatit will be at your side in the event of a claim (and it's at times like these that you need your insurer!). 

If you are not sure which insurance to choose, do not hesitate to analyse the answers of each one. This may help you make your choice!

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What you need to know about home insurance in Luxembourg

Is home insurance more expensive in Luxembourg?

Home insurance is not not particularly more expensive in Luxembourg than in other countries Europe such as France, Belgium or Germany. On the other hand, some essential cover (theft, vandalism, natural disasters, floods) is sometimes offered as an option. Make sure you compare offers to be sure you have the right cover before asking for a quote.

Is it necessary to take out civil liability insurance in Luxembourg?

In Luxembourg, civil liability is not compulsory in a home insurance policy. However, it is highly recommended, as it protects you if you cause damage to others.

For example, if you have a dog, civil liability is mandatory as it covers damage that your pet may cause to third parties.

Also, when you take out third party liability as part of your home insurance, all inhabitants of your household are covered. In our selection of offers, the home contracts offer a civil liability. We include it under the heading "Basic cover".

How to get reimbursed after a natural disaster?

Most Luxembourg home insurance policies include cover against natural disasters (or "climatic perils"). When a major climatic event affects the country (massive floods, violent storms, forest fires), the government can declare a state of natural disaster. This mechanism then releases public money to reimburse the victims.

If you have been the victim of a natural disaster and your insurance covers this risk, you will be reimbursed. Here are the steps to follow :

  1. Contact your insurance company, which will send an expert to assess the damage
  2. Make a list of losses with their price and proof of purchase
  3. Send all documents with your IBAN to the commissioned expert or to the insurance company directly
  4. Your refund should arrive in your bank account within 2 to 3 weeks

To find out how to report a claim to your insurance company, see this article.

Before taking out a home insurance policy, make sure that it covers the risk of natural disasters (not all policies do). We invite you to compare our selection of insurances in Luxembourg before committing yourself.

Bicycle stolen from common areas: how to get reimbursed?

In their classic formulas, home insurance does not cover bicycle theft in common areas. It is normally the co-ownership association's insurance that is responsible for the security of the common areas, especially if it is a secure bicycle room. However, not all insurance policies cover this risk.

If your bike has been stolen from your building's bike room, contact your building manager and ask to make a declaration to the building's insurance. You won't lose anything by trying.

Finally, if you have a valuable bike (such as an electric bike or a racing bike), ask your insurance company if it offers an option to cover the theft of your bicycle outside your home. These options exist: they are more often included under the term "leisure object coverage".

While waiting to insure it and have peace of mind, take your bike home in the evening, or put it on your balcony if you have one: that way, it will be safe!

How to react in case of a disaster in your home

In case of theft from your home

If you find that a burglary has been committed at your homeCall the police immediately. They will advise you on what to do next. Then :

  • Take photos for your insurance
  • Make an inventory of the damage, loss and harm: list and estimate the cost of each damaged item
  • File a complaint with the police (online or on site)
  • Contact your insurance company: explain the situation, send the report of the complaint filed at the police station, and send all documents proving the damage (photos and list of damages)
  • Ask your insurance company for advice before you incur any repair costs: they will tell you what is covered and what is not. This way, you won't incur unnecessary costs.

In case of water damage...

If you are victim of water damage (leaks, blocked pipes, water leaking through the ceiling, infiltration through the walls or floors), here are the steps to follow:

  • First of all, try to identify the source of the problem: the leak or infiltration may come from another flat or from a pipe hidden behind a piece of furniture in your home
  • Next, make a thorough inspection of any items that may be damaged
  • Take photographs to show the extent of the damage (the path of the water in your home and the objects, furniture and floors damaged) and measure the area affected
  • Contact your insurance company and explain the situation, and send them all the evidence you have (photos, description of the loss)
  • Wait for your insurance company to approve the repair costs (plumber's call, purchase of new appliances, cleaning or painting costs). Your insurer will tell you how to proceed. In some cases, the insurance company may send repairmen to your home and pay the costs.

In the event of electrical damage to your household appliances...

Your your washing machine, television or computer no longer worksand you suspect that a power surge on the network is the cause of the problem? In that case :

  • Take a look at your electronic devices and household appliances. Test that they work. Make a note of those that don't work.
  • Make a list of the damaged appliances, and find the purchase invoices (if you have kept them)
  • Send these documents to your insurer, explaining the details of the incident (day and time, damage observed, etc.).

The insurance company can then contact the electricity network operator to find out whether there was indeed a problem with the network in your area. If so, and your insurance covers the electrical damage, you will be reimbursed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the average price of home insurance?

For a typical flat in Luxembourg, home insurance can cost you at least €15 to €20 per month for a basic policy. You will have to pay around €50 per month for a full insurance with very good additional guarantees. However, the price will vary depending on the size of your flat, the value of your belongings to be insured, the floor of your flat and whether or not you have a cellar and a parking space.

What is the cheapest home insurance?

The cheapest home insurance is usually the one with the fewest options. If you take out cheap insurance, you will not have protection for your multimedia devices or leisure equipment (bicycle, skis, scooter). Nor will your travel be covered. Some essential guarantees (such as protection against natural disasters or burglary) may not be included. We advise you to compare coverage our selection of offers to find the most suitable insurance.

Is it compulsory to have home insurance?

In Luxembourg, it is compulsory to have home insurance. But unlike in other countries, it is not compulsory to take out civil liability insurance. Nevertheless, this cover protects you against damage you cause to third parties. It is therefore important to protect yourself and your family members. In addition, you can deduct liability insurance from your tax return every year.

What does home insurance cover?

Home insurance covers you against most risks beyond your control, such as burglary, fire, water damage, electrical damage and natural disasters. Some insurances also cover your multimedia and leisure equipment (computer, tablet, telephone, electric bike, scooter, etc.). Home insurance also provides you with legal assistance in the event of a dispute.

How can I get a free house quote?

To get a quote, simply compare home insurance policies and then contact the one of your choice by clicking on the "Request a quote" button. Describe your situation to the insurance company (household composition, size of property, address, total value of goods in the home). An insurance agent will contact you to draw up a quote and finalise the contract.

Why take out home insurance?

First of all, because it is compulsory. Home insurance protects the occupants of your home against damage that would be too expensive to repair if you had to pay for it. Some fires or natural disasters can cause tens of thousands of euros worth of damage. No one can pay for that! Insurance is therefore there to protect you against risks that are beyond your control.

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