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Here is a selection of the best TV and Internet offers in Luxembourg.
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LOL Fiber S
Luxembourg Online
✔️ Over 100 TV channels
✔️ Registration
✔️ Mobile TV application included, 4 devices
❌ Travel expenses (€46)
✔️ 41.9€/month for 3 month
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Duo L
✔️ Over 130 TV channels
✔️ Kids & Premium channels
✔️ Replay up to 7 days
✔️ Recording up to 200h
✔️ Installation offered
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Duo M
✔️ Over 80 TV channels
✔️ Replay up to 7 days
✔️ Recording up to 30h
✔️ Installation offered
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Bamboo Trio S
✔️ 55 TV channels
❌ Activation fee (€99)
✔️ 40.99€/month for 12 month
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Bamboo Trio M
✔️ 120 TV channels
✔️ 200h recording time
❌ Activation fee (€99)
✔️ 51.99€/month for 12 month
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Luxembourg Online
✔️ Over 100 TV channels
✔️ Registration
✔️ Mobile TV application included, 4 devices
❌ Travel expenses (€46)
✔️ 14.95€/month for 3 month
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Bamboo Trio XL
✔️ 120 TV channels
✔️ 400h recording time
✔️ 1 VOD included per month
✔️ Free installation and cabling
✔️ 57.99€/month for 12 month
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Bamboo Trio L
✔️ 120 TV channels
✔️ 200h recording time
❌ Activation fee (€99)
✔️ 57.99€/month for 12 month
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Our tips to help you compare TV subscriptions

What is the best TV and Internet subscription in Luxembourg?

In Luxembourg, a good value TV & Internet package costs between €60 and €70 per month. With these subscriptions, you will have a good fibre Internet subscription (usually 500 Mb/s reception) and around 100 TV channels. Replay and programme recording functions are offered by all providers, but their conditions may vary from one operator to another.

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best TV provider in Luxembourg:

  1. Focus first on the speed of your Internet connection. Fibre subscriptions have the highest flow rates in Luxembourg (500 Mb/s or even 1 Gb/s in reception) and offer a very stable connection. You'll be able to watch your Netflix series or make video calls at the same time, on multiple devices, without latency or throughput issues. To calculate your current internet speed for comparison, go to this page.
  2. Then analyse the number of TV channels included in your package. Basic subscriptions usually include around 100 TV channels, which is more than enough for everyday use. Premium packages offer between 120 and 130 TV channels, as well as several thematic packages (sports, family, entertainment, cinema). Choose a subscription that also includes a good number of recording hours. If you miss a programme, you can watch it later. The best Internet and TV packages include up to 400 hours of recording time.
  3. Finally, we advise you to analyse the total cost of the subscription in detail. You must include any additional costs that may be charged to you, such as fibre installation costsThese costs are included in our analysis of TV subscriptions. These costs are included in our analysis of TV subscriptions.

Finally, an important clarification: in Luxembourg, Internet and TV contracts generally commit you for a period of 2 years (24 months). It is best to choose the right term from the start so that you don't regret it! You can consult here the list of telecom providers that offer TV and Internet subscriptions in Luxembourg.

Which TV and Internet subscription is the cheapest in Luxembourg?

If you want to save money on your internet TV box, you can opt for a cheap TV subscription at 50 per month. These subscriptions include around 100 TV channels and sufficient download speed for all your daily needs.

However, if you are a sports or movie fan, we recommend Premium TV subscriptions: you will have access to additional channels as an option.

Also, at that price, you certainly won't get 1 Gb/s fibre. If you are a heavy consumer of 4K content or a frequent Internet gamer, we advise you to opt for a higher package.

Don't really know what Internet speeds are? There's no better way than to take a benchmark! To measure the speed of your current Internet connection, go to this page.

Which internet box with TV package should I choose to watch sports or movies?

Internet and TV providers in Luxembourg offer roughly the same number of channels, recording times and download speeds. Looking for the best SVOD service? Wondering which is the best service for TV with Internet in Luxembourg?

Some providers offer boxes with premium download speeds (from 1 Gb/s to 2 Gb/s) with more than 120 TV channels, 400 hours of recording time and a few extras, such as sports or entertainment channel packs. A perfect package for the whole family!

These subscriptions cost between €80 and €100 per month, all inclusive. You can choose thematic bouquets à la carte. However, promotions may be available throughout the year: if you are not in a hurry, we advise you to consult this site regularly (at least once every 2 months) so that you don't miss any offers. You could save money!

As you can see, there is a wide range of prices for the various Internet and TV offers in Luxembourg. It all depends on the level of service you want.

Before choosing your supplier, ask yourself the following questions :

  • What speed of Internet connection do I need?
  • How many channels do I need in my subscription? Do I need specific channels (sports, cinema).
  • How many hours of recording are included in the TV package?
  • What are the options offered by the supplier?

Based on your answers, you should find a preference for a particular internet and TV offer. Then take a look at our selection of offers at the top of this page, or check the list of Internet and TV providers.

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TV subscription comparison in Luxembourg: which provider to choose?

In Luxembourg, TV and Internet providers have a wide range of different offers. Some focus mainly on their Internet provision service. Others offer a large number of TV channels, but do not offer the highest download or upload speeds on the market.

Also, it depends on where you live: there may not be fibre in your area. We have carried out a study to establish a ranking of Luxembourg cities with the best connection Internet.

In the end, it all depends on what you are looking for. If you are a gamer or a hardcore streamer, choose the highest connection speed! On the other hand, if you prefer to watch sports matches or entertainment programmes on TV, opt for a subscription that offers numerous TV channels and optional theme packages.

Finally, remember to take into account the installation costs or Internet activation fees that may be charged to you. These fees can be significant (over €200 for some providers).

Here are the criteria to help you compare TV and Internet subscriptions. You should analyse :

  • The bandwidth speed
  • The number of television channels included in the basic package
  • The number of hours of recording
  • The price of the package
  • Any additional costs not included in the advertised price, such as the rental of the modem and decoder, or the installation costs.
  • Special discounts that can be applied

We include all these costs for you in our comparison of Internet and TV subscriptions. If you want to know your current connection speed to see if it is fast enough for you (or not), use this free simulator. You will know your exact bandwidth in seconds.

Still not sure which supplier to choose? In this case, compare them using this ranking providers by Internet connection speed.

You can easily save 200 € to 300€ per year by choosing an offer that offers better value for money. You can keep the same Internet speed and the same number of TV channels, while saving money.

We recommend that you use this comparison tool if you want to save money on your Internet subscription. But be careful: make sure you are no longer committed to your current provider. Generally, contracts include a 24 month commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best television and internet subscription?

The best TV subscription in Luxembourg generally includes the following features: a solid fibre Internet subscription (with 1 Gb/s reception, 500 Mb/s upload), 120 to 130 TV channels, an average of 200 to 400 hours of recorded programmes, and at least one thematic package of your choice. This is generally a Premium TV package. All providers in Luxembourg offer this type of package. You can compare the TV and Internet offers in our selection on this page.

Which TV operator to choose?

If you want the best value for money, choose a supplier that offers a Internet fibre subscription with a hundred or so TV channels. If you are a sports or film fan, then choose a Premium subscription which offers themed packages (football, films, series, entertainment, documentaries, family, etc).

Which is the best internet and TV operator?

Many providers offer television subscriptions with 120 to 130 channels, 200 to 400 hours of recording time, thematic packages and high-speed Internet. However, prices change throughout the year, depending on the various promotions. To find out which is the best TV and Internet provider for your needs: see this comparison.

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