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Tripartite agreement in Luxembourg: electricity prices to be frozen in 2023.
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Simulation for a consumption of a person (1800kWh/year)
Tips for choosing your subscription

Which is the best electricity supplier in Luxembourg?

Finding the cheapest electricity

In Luxembourg, the price differences between the different suppliers can be quite large. For the consumption of a single person (1800kWh/year), the subscription can range from about 40€/month to more than 50€/month. By choosing the best offer, you could therefore save more than a hundred euros per year, which is not negligible. If there are more people in your household, the savings can be even greater.

Also, suppliers offer different features: some offer green energy contracts, others offer to invest part of your subscription in the development of renewable energy in Luxembourg (wind, solar).

It is therefore important to be aware of the different offers before making your choice. Don't hesitate to use the comparison tool at the top of this page to get an idea.

What is the increase in electricity prices in Luxembourg?

Since 2022, electricity prices have been soaring in European markets. This is due to the fact that electricity production is mainly linked to the price of gas (which is used to produce electricity).

Some European countries have put in place schemes to lock in energy prices and protect consumers.

In Luxembourg, gas prices are expected to double in the winter of 2022-2023. As a result, electricity prices should in theory rise sharply. However, the Luxembourg State decided to freeze them for the consumer. So there will be no price increases in the short term.

To ensure that you save money and pay less for electricity, we recommend that you compare suppliers on the table above. Adopt the right gestures to reduce your consumption and lower your energy bill.

Calculate your electricity consumption in Luxembourg

To determine the amount of your future energy billIt is important to know your consumption. The easiest way to do this is to look at your previous bills: you will get an idea of your annual consumption.

However, if you move to a new flat, or if your household grows, you can use the following benchmarks to determine your consumption:

  • A single person consumes about 1800 kWh/year
  • A 2-person household consumes 2500 kWh/year
  • A 3-person household consumes 3200 kWh/year
  • A 4-person household consumes about 4000 kWh/year

These figures are of course Luxembourg averages:

  • If your heating is all-electric, you will probably use more electricity.
  • On the other hand, if you have central heating or gas heating, then you will consume less.
  • Finally, if you have an electric car that you charge at home, add between 2000 and 2500 kWh to your annual electricity consumption.

Reduce your electricity bill in 2 steps

There are two easy ways to reduce your electricity bill:

Step 1: Save on electricity consumption

Here are some tips to help you reduce your consumption:

  1. Turn off appliances that are on standby at night (screens, TVs, chargers, computers, video game consoles). This is the first step to saving energy (and the easiest thing to do!).
  2. Make a habit ofTurn off the lights as soon as you leave a room in your home. This is another simple reflex.
  3. Wait until your washing machines and dishwashers are full before starting them. These appliances consume a lot of energy: the less you use, the more you save!
  4. Change your light bulbs: Filament bulbs consume a lot of energy (they are no longer sold). You can replace them with LED bulbs, which consume the least energy;
  5. Remember to unplug electronic devices when they are charged to 80%. If you are charging your phone, computer or electric bicycle battery, it is recommended to stop charging when the battery is at 80% of its total capacity. First of all, charging takes much longer between 80% and 100% than between 0% and 80%. Secondly, stopping the charge at 80% extends the life of the batteries. This will save you money on your electricity bill, and you will be able to use your phones and computer longer!

Step 2: Change your electricity supplier

In Luxembourg, the kilowatt-hour rates vary greatly from one company to another. By switching to a better offer, you can save several dozen or even hundreds of euros on your energy contract.

Check out our selection of offers at the top of this page to find the best electricity supplier.

The cheapest subscriptions in Luxembourg

The cheapest energy contracts start at €40/month for 1 person. Then you have to add about €10/month for each additional person in the household. So the cheapest contracts will cost about : 

  • 50/month for 2 people
  • 60/month for 3 persons
  • 70/month for a 4-person household

In Luxembourg, the cheapest subscriptions are grouped into 2 categories:

  • Subscriptions that offer a classic mix: These companies buy electricity from all sources available in Europe (wind, hydro, nuclear, coal, gas, oil). They do not claim to offer 100% green or carbon neutral energy. Nevertheless, these contracts are not necessarily the cheapest on the market.
  • Those who offer carbon neutral electricity: Through an offset mechanism, some companies are able to offer carbon-neutral energy at a good price. This does not mean that it is 100% renewable. Rather, it means that the company is committed to offsetting the carbon impact of its energy by investing in renewable projects (development of a wind farm, installation of solar panels, etc).

The most expensive energy contracts

These are the ones that offer 100% green energy, directly from renewable energies. These subscriptions cost only a few euros more per month on the subscription and help finance the development of renewable energy in Luxembourg.

  • Some suppliers offer 100% green electricity produced in Europe: they buy renewable energy in several European countries and sell it in Luxembourg. The energy is certified by an independent institute.
  • Others offer green 100% electricity produced partly in regional power plants: In its most expensive offer, Enovos claims, for example, that 50% of its energy comes from Luxembourg regional power plants. These renewable energy plants are mainly wind or solar farms, hydroelectric dams and biomass plants.

Why compare electricity suppliers?

Save money on your energy contract

In Luxembourg, there are few suppliers. Among the main ones are :

  • Enovos
  • Electris
  • SudStroum

Nevertheless, there are significant price differences between the contracts offered. The difference in price can be as much as €120 per year for a single person.

That's why we advise you to compare offers carefully before choosing a cheaper electricity supplier: you could save a lot of money, while enjoying the same quality of service!

Financing the development of renewable energy

Most suppliers offer options to invest in the development of renewable energy in Luxembourg. For a few extra cents or euros per month, the company commits to financing the development of new wind farms or solar panels. Comparing electricity contracts allows you to find out how committed the company is to the planet and the ecological transition.

If you wish to commit yourself to the ecological transition, you can opt for a more responsible contract, in line with your values. Your money will directly finance new renewable energy sources in the Grand Duchy!

Which electricity supplier should I choose?
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Energy Price Comparison in Luxembourg

Which green electricity supplier should I choose in Luxembourg?

The carbon impact of energy consumption

On the European market, all countries import and export energy, thanks to interconnectors located at the borders between countries. It is therefore possible to find out what proportion of the electricity consumed in the Grand Duchy is renewable energy and what proportion is fossil energy. According to information fromelectricityMap at the time of writing:

  • Almost 70% of electricity consumed is from renewable sources
  • About 81% is considered "low carbon". (including nuclear)
  • The carbon intensity is approximately 170g of CO2 per kWh consumed. This is much higher than our neighbours: France is at 92g and Belgium is at 77g of CO2 per kWh. This high carbon intensity is linked to the fact that we import a lot of energy from Germany, where a large part is produced from coal-fired power stations.

That is why it is important to invest in the ecological transition by choosing a green 100% electricity contract. This will allow us to reduce our dependence on German energy, and to have a more renewable consumption.

You can do something for the planet by choosing an electricity supplier that donates part of your subscription to the development of renewable energy in Luxembourg.

Energy production in the Grand Duchy

Luxembourg has a number of power stations producing electricity, mainly from renewable sources. Among the Luxembourg power plants, there are :

  • Wind farms. There are several in Luxembourg: you can see them from the motorway.
  • Biomass power plants : it is the burning or the methanation  of organic elements and waste (plants, wood). This method is considered renewable because it draws on organic waste, and it emits much less CO2 than coal, oil or gas.
  • Hydroelectric dams : which allow the production of renewable energy by the passage of water through turbines. There are two main dams: one is in Vianden, the other is in Esch-Sur-Sûre.

However, these power plants do not cover all the needs of Luxembourgers: that is why we have to import more carbon-intensive energy from our European neighbours. So you cannot have 100% green and local electricity. It will necessarily be partly of European origin.

Which supplier offers green electricity?

Two main companies offer green and renewable energy in Luxembourg:

  • SudStroum : the company from Esch-sur-Alzette offers a way to invest in the development of renewable energies, while benefiting from 100% green electricity of European origin (without any nuclear energy).
  • Enovos : The historical energy company also offers 100% green electricity, half of which is produced by Luxembourg power plants.

Which supplier to choose for an electric car?

What is the consumption of an electric car?

Tesla, Hyundai, Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes... Car manufacturers are bringing out more and more electric 100% models. Nevertheless, these cars consume a lot of energy: up to 2500kWh/year, that is 350€ to 500€ more on your annual bill.

By charging your electric car at home, you will consume the equivalent of the electricity consumption of a two-person household. It is therefore important to compare suppliers carefully to save money on charging your electric car.

Where to recharge your car in Luxembourg?
Thinking of buying an electric car? Then read our guide to charging!
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electric car charging luxembourg charging station chargy map price network

How much does it cost to charge an electric car at home?

By charging at home, you save money compared to charging at a public station or on the motorway. Count on between 5€ and 10€ for a full refill. However, this price varies according to 3 factors:

  • the model your car (a Volkswagen ID3 will cost less to charge than a Tesla Model Y, BMW i3 or Audi e-tron)
  • the capacity of your battery (the larger it is, the more electricity is needed to recharge it)
  • the price per kWh provided for in your contract, which will directly affect the price of your refill

Which subscription should I choose for a Tesla, BMW or Volkswagen in Luxembourg?

Unlike other European countries, There is no special offer for electric cars in Luxembourg: you will need to choose a standard contract and tell the supplier that you have an electric car, so that they can adapt :

  • your annual consumption the contract as well as the tariffs
  • the power of your electricity meter (to avoid your meter going off when your car is charging).

Unless otherwise stated in your energy contract, the price per kWh consumed will be the same for all your uses: whether you are charging your car or cooking.

How do I charge my electric car at the charging stations in Luxembourg?

When you take out an electricity contract with a Luxembourg supplier, you can request an mKaart. This card will allow you to charge your Tesla, BMW, Volkswagen or any other electric model at the CHARGY public charging stations. These charging stations allow you to charge your vehicle quickly throughout the Grand Duchy.

Attention: The price of the kWh when CHARGY is recharged will be determined by your supplier. This price will be higher if you use a high-speed terminal SuperChargy. The price can be as high as €0.50/kWh for a charge at a public station, which represents almost 30 for a full charge on a Tesla Model 3. These prices are close to those charged at motorway service areas, so we advise you to top up at home whenever possible.

To find out more about charging points for electric cars in Luxembourg, read this article.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is the cheapest electricity supplier?

The cheapest supplier is SudStroum, which is a few cents per month ahead of Enovos on the cheapest subscriptions. Electris is in third place, with a more expensive offer than its competitors.

Which electricity supplier to choose in 2023?

In 2023, we recommend choosing an affordable 100% green electricity offer, which also finances the development of renewable energy in Luxembourg. You can choose between SudStroum and Enovos: both companies offer relatively similar prices for their offers.

How to choose your electricity supplier?

The price is the main component to consider when making a choice. However, some suppliers also offer advantages: such as green electricity, half of which comes from Luxembourg's renewable power stations. This advantage can be a factor in your decision, if protecting the planet is an important criterion for you.

How do I change my electricity supplier?

The liberalisation of the energy market, adopted by Europe, allows any consumer to change energy supplier at any time. All you have to do is apply to the supplier of your choice. They will take care of the change.

How many electricity suppliers are there in Luxembourg in 2023?

There are 3 main electricity suppliers in Luxembourg: Enovos (the historical supplier), SudStroum and Electris. You can also subscribe to an offer from Leo Energy, but this supplier is owned by the Enovos group and offers the same rates. To make it easier to compare offers, we are therefore only displaying the offers of Enovos.

Comparison of electricity suppliers 2023

To compare the different electricity suppliers in Luxembourg, you need to compare the price per kWh consumed, as well as the origin of the electricity (renewable or not, European or Luxembourgish). You can easily analyse the 3 Luxembourg suppliers on this online comparison of the best electricity offers.

What is the difference between Creos and Enovos?

Enovos is an energy supplier: it markets electricity and gas supply contracts to Luxembourg customers. Creos is the grid operator: it ensures that the high-voltage lines and electricity transformers function properly.

What is the increase in electricity prices in Luxembourg?

Electricity prices are strongly linked to gas prices. As gas prices are rising in Luxembourg, it could be expected that electricity prices would increase significantly in the winter of 2022-2023. However, the Luxembourg government has decided, in a tripartite agreement, to freeze these prices in 2023 at their 2022 level.

How can I reduce my electricity consumption?

If you heat your home with electric radiators, you can reduce the temperature in your home by one or two degrees. Each degree less saves 7% on your consumption and therefore on your bill. Don't forget to switch off your appliances on standby, turn off the lights in every room you leave and switch on your energy-consuming appliances (dishwasher, washing machine) at night, in order to benefit from the "off-peak" rate, if you have chosen this option with your energy supplier.

How to pay for cheaper electricity?

The price per kWh differs from one supplier to another. Some suppliers are cheaper than others. To reduce your electricity bill, you can compare them on the comparison table above. Once you have found the cheapest supplier, don't hesitate to apply for a subscription directly on their website.

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