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Our tips for saving money on your subscriptions

Compare prices from the best suppliers in Luxembourg

Why compare Internet, TV and mobile offers in Luxembourg?

Compared to other European countries, telecom providers are particularly advantaged in Luxembourg.

  • Internet, TV and mobile offers generally include a 24-month commitment. This may come as a surprise if you come from another country. Above all, it means that you should compare offers carefully before deciding, as you will have to pay penalties if you terminate your contract early.
  • You will have to pay for the rental of your Internet and TV box. Modem rental usually costs €4 per month. The TV box can cost up to €5 per month. All this adds €200 to €300 to the total cost of your contract.
  • You may be charged for the cost of installing the fibre to your home when you start your contract. They usually amount to €200 or €300 depending on the operator. However, most providers offer these fees or discounts. 

For all these reasons, we advise you to compare Internet offers carefully.Make sure you have the best deal before you sign anything. Make sure you have the best one before you sign anything.

Why compare car and home insurance?

In Luxembourg, several factors make it difficult to know whether you are paying the right price for car or home insurance:

  1. If you do not use an online comparator, you have to request quotes from each insurance company individually and compare them with each other. This takes a lot of time. 
  2. Not all insurances offer the same guarantees.
  3. Some insurances do not even offer the minimum guarantees (theft, natural disasters, assistance)
  4. Some insurances do not include civil liability in their offers. This is not compulsory in Luxembourg, but it is strongly recommended.
  5. Finally, there are huge price differences between insurances. For the same coverage, you can save over €200 per year. 

For all these reasons, we strongly advise you to compare car and home insurance policies before choosing one. To compare offers, you can use :

This will allow you to compare the guarantees and coverage of each insurance and then request a quote from the best one. This will save you precious time!

How to cancel your insurance?
Find out how to change your contract easily in our guide.
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cancellation of home car insurance luxembourg

Which is the best Internet provider in Luxembourg?

If you don't know Luxembourg, it is very difficult to compare the telecom providers. All of them offer services that may seem similar. But some have specific features. POSTFor example, the UK's largest mobile phone provider, offers more than 25 different mobile packages! Here are our tips:

  1. Do a Google search and analyse the different suppliers that are at the top of the search results
  2. Browse their websites, analyse the different Internet boxes or mobile packages, and test different combinations of offers (without phone, with phone, Internet without TV, Internet with TV...) 
  3. Set yourself a goal. Do you want the best bandwidth for your Internet box? Or are you looking to save money on your subscriptions? Do you need 130 TV channels and 400 hours of recording time? Or is a basic box enough?

However, these comparisons can be time-consuming. That's why we've created this comparison tool: to help you with these important steps. If you want to find the best Internet, TV or mobile package in Luxembourg Just browse this website! All our advice is free. Our analyses are independent. And we are volunteers! Our analyses are 100% honest: we advise you on the offers we would have chosen. 

What is the best insurance company in Luxembourg?

In Luxembourg, there are great disparities between offers and prices:

  • Some insurance companies are known to have excellent cover for your car
  • Other companies are known to offer very good cover for home insurance

We recommend that you compare insurance offers on our comparison tool before making your choice. You can then request personalised quotes and compare prices.

Why use an online comparator?

Using an online comparator allows you to an initial idea of the prices and services offered for each contract. The offers are placed side by side, and a first ranking is proposed to you according to our analysis criteria, which are the same for all the companies compared for the same range of offers. You can thus analyse, according to the same criteria :

  • The price of each offeror its price positioning in relation to other offers on the market
  • Services offered in this price range (Internet speed, price per kWh, guarantees offered, etc.)

Nevertheless, please bear in mind that the information presented in these comparisons is not exhaustive. In order to allow a fair comparison and to make it easier for the user to understand the offers:

  • We establish a selection of suppliers for each offer. This selection aims to take into account the main suppliers on the market, by number of customers. But other suppliers not listed on this site may exist on the market. The site is intended to include new offers as it develops: if you would like other offers to be included in our comparisons, please let us know!
  • We establish well-defined criteria for comparison that are the same for all. For example, for bank account offers, we compare the same values: the price of the account, the price of the card, the transfer and withdrawal fees, as well as the interest and overdraft fees. The same applies to telecom, energy, credit and insurance contracts. However, the offers mentioned may have particularities, advantages or disadvantages that are beyond the scope of the comparisons proposed. It is advisable to obtain information from the chosen supplier when you contact them for a quote.
  • We are 100% transparent about our independence and methodology. We are not paid for these comparisons and have no capital ties with the companies compared. This guarantees the independence, impartiality and neutrality of the comparisons offered on this site. Furthermore, we explain our comparison methodology on a dedicated page.

To consult our methodology, please visit our FAQ.

Length of commitment, fees and Internet and mobile promotions... Everything is scrutinised.

Every month, we analyse the main Internet, TV and mobile offers in Luxembourg and give you our recommendations, in an honest and independent way.

This is what our comparator analyses: 

  • The value for money of the offer
  • Any additional costs that need to be anticipated, such as the cost of installing the fibre or renting the Internet box
  • Discounts which reduce the overall cost of the offer over 24 months
  • The terms of the contract, as the duration of the commitment.

After comparing all these criteria out of the hundreds of offers available, our comparator recommends the best Internet, TV and mobile offers in Luxembourg. This is done on a monthly basis.

  • Are you looking for the best value for money for your Internet subscription? Compare the best offers of the moment by clicking here
  • Do you want to save on your mobile package in Luxembourg? Go to the "Savings" section of our mobile comparison tool
  • Do you want the best Internet and TV box, with a maximum of TV channels and recording hours? The "Premium" section of our comparisons is for you!

And if someone has recommended a particular telecom operator to you, you can also find their best Internet, TV and mobile deals on this site, by clicking on the button below.

Which is the best Internet provider in Luxembourg?
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We compare insurance in Luxembourg in great detail

To establish our selection of car and home insurance, we analyse all the criteria at our disposal. Here is what we compare, in detail:

  1. The quality of insurance : does it offer cover against essential risks? (natural disasters, water damage, accidents, breakdowns, etc)
  2. The responsiveness of the insurance : does it have an emergency number or assistance in case of a claim? 
  3. The price of insurance : how does it compare to the price of competing insurances?
  4. Extras on offer: some extras are worthwhile and may influence your decision. For example, some car insurances offer a 'Taxi Joker', allowing you to call a taxi free of charge when you can't drive. Some home insurances also offer a replacement for any damage suffered as a result of a loss at your home.
  5. Paying options: Most insurances offer optional benefits that you might like, such as coverage for your personal belongings anywhere in the world, or reimbursement for the replacement value of stolen or broken electronic devices.

On this basis, we rank all insurances and offer you the best ones. All the criteria analysed are displayed on each insurance offer. If you are interested in an offer, simply contact the insurer and ask for a quote!

We compare the main energy suppliers in Luxembourg

Have you just moved in and are looking for a good electricity or gas contract? Even if there are only a few suppliers, it's worth comparing them. Here are the criteria we take into account in our energy comparisons:

  • The price of energyThe price per kWh of electricity or the price per m³ of gas delivered to your home.
  • The amount of renewable energy included in your contract. Some suppliers offer electricity from renewable sources (wind, solar, hydro). Others offer a biomethane supply.
  • Participation in the development of renewable energy in Luxembourg. This is a commitment by some suppliers in dedicated offers. They commit to paying back part of your subscription to finance the opening of new wind farms or solar panel farms. We think it's important to specify this on every offer.

How can I save on my Internet or mobile subscription?

Competition in Luxembourg is not the fiercest. In the Luxembourg market, there is a lack of transparency, and contracts with commitment periods that are too restrictive for the consumer. There are also few suppliers: the main ones are POST, Tango, Orange or Eltrona. This is why we advise you to compare their offers regularly:

  • Suppliers in Luxembourg regularly offer discounts on their Internet, TV and mobile offers
  • You can save up to 300 e per year on your Internet subscription, by keeping the same quality of service and the same options that you could find with a competitor
  • You can save up to €200 per year on your mobile phone package, with the same amount of calls and mobile Internet.
The map of 5G in Luxembourg
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Map of 4G and 5G mobile coverage in Luxembourg

How can I save on my car or home insurance?

By comparing car and home insurance, you can save more than a hundred euros a year, while keeping the same coverage as your current insurance. Here's how to do it:

  1. Compare our selection of car and home insurance using this online comparator
  2. Locate your insurance, as well as insurances that offer roughly the same coverage
  3. Request personalised quotes from insurance companies and compare them
  4. Choose the cheapest one!

All you have to do is contact the insurance company and ask for a quote! You can also tell them that you are coming from an online comparator, so you can negotiate your price or some of the options offered.

How can I save money on my energy contract?

There are few suppliers in Luxembourg. Nevertheless, price differences may exist between them. If

  • Consult the energy comparisons and compare the prices of each supplier in our selection
  • Take a good look at the renewable energy proposals of each company: this may influence your choice. Perhaps you would be prepared to pay a little more for a more sustainable offer?
  • Once you have made your choice, run a simulation with your own consumption on the supplier's website.
  • If you are happy with the tariff, you can apply to open a contract with the energy supplier of your choice, directly on their website.

That's a good question! Comparing offers is our passion. We moved to Luxembourg a few years ago, and we remember how hard it was to compare offers at the time.

We soon realised that many colleagues were regretting their choice of telecom provider. They said that they had not compared the offers enough, and were now locked into 24-month contracts, without being able to cancel freely.

So today, we've decided to help you, every month, for free. We are 100% independent and voluntary. We have no interest in promoting one offer over another. 

We compare offers honestly. We rank them. And we give you our recommendations, every month. If it helps you to move to Luxembourg without stress, or to save money, then our mission will be successful :)

And if you want to know more about our comparator and our methodology, do not hesitate to consult our FAQ !

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which online comparator in Luxembourg?

To compare Internet, TV, mobile, car and home insurance in Luxembourg, we recommend you use this site. We update it regularly and provide an objective and detailed analysis of the different offers. You will easily find the best value for money. To compare energy offers, you can use the Luxembourg government's comparison tool:

What is the best comparator in Luxembourg?

If you want to compare Internet subscriptions, mobile packages, insurance or banks: use Switchr. This site is 100% independent and voluntary: the analyses are honest and objective. You can also use some of the comparators provided by the Luxembourg government, such as Calculix or the official bank account comparator, but they require more research.

How do I compare Internet subscriptions in Luxembourg?

Go to a online comparison of Internet offers and check the ranking of the best offers of the month. You can choose the best value for money, the cheapest subscriptions or the Premium packages.

How to compare mobile packages in Luxembourg?

To compare mobile packages in Luxembourg, see this ranking of the best packages of the month. You will be able to analyse the packages with or without phone, and choose the best one in Luxembourg.

How to compare car insurance in Luxembourg?

Visit this car insurance comparison - we update it regularly. Choose an offer that provides cover against essential risks (accidents, fire, natural disasters, glass breakage, etc.). We compare the main insurance companies, so that you can benefit from quality services.

How to compare home insurance in Luxembourg?

To find the best insurance for your flat or house, see this online comparator. We regularly compare and rank offers, so that you can make the best choice.

How can I compare energy suppliers in Luxembourg?

Price is the main element of comparison between the different electricity and gas suppliers (Enovos, SudStroum, SudÉnergie, Electris). However, each offer is different: some offer 100% green, organic, responsible energy produced in Europe. To compare offers and find the best one for you, see this comparison.

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