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Car insurance selection
Small Casco
✔️ Civil liability
✔️ Legal protection
✔️ Replacement vehicle
✔️ Mobilcar assistance
✔️ Vehicle theft
✔️ Fire (force of nature, game)
✔️ Glass breakage
Extended legal protection
Mobilcar assistance plus
Driver's insurance
Traffic accidents
All risks luggage
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Home insurance selection
✔️ Fire
✔️ Electrical damage
✔️ Water damage
✔️ Flight
✔️ Glass breakage
✔️ Storm and hail
✔️ Emergency At Home
Multimedia equipment
Family Protection
Serenity Max
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Why compare insurance contracts in Luxembourg?

In Luxembourg, it is very difficult to know if you are paying the right price for the right coverage: 

  1. Insurers sometimes use different terminology for guarantees ("floods", "natural disasters", "environmental perils"), and not all include exactly the same guarantees
  2. Some insurance policies do not include cover that we consider essential (such as theft in the case of a home, or a replacement vehicle in the event of a breakdown or accident in the case of a car claim)

Faced with the complexity of the steps to be taken, many residents give up and take the first insurance policy they find, without necessarily paying attention to the level of guarantees offered. And they usually regret this choice the day they discover that they are not well covered or reimbursed for a claim.

We therefore decided to launch the first car insurance comparator and housing in Luxembourg, to help everyone find the most suitable cover for their needs.

Via various thematic comparison tables, you can compare the guarantees and cover offered by our selection of car and home policies. Then simply request one or two quotes from the insurance companies of your choice to compare prices.

Which insurance to choose in Luxembourg?

It all depends on your needs, your budget and the level of risk you find acceptable:

  1. If the value of your property to be insured is highFor example, if you have an expensive car or valuable possessions at home, you can opt for a premium insurance policy. You will pay more every month, but you will have peace of mind, especially if your car is expensive or you have valuable possessions at home.
  2. If the value to be insured is low, you can opt for minimum cover. However, be sure to compare the coverage of the different contracts: some offer essential guarantees as an option. Make sure you choose an insurance policy that covers at least the essential risks (those that occur most frequently), such as burglary, natural disasters, water damage or fire, for example.

Which is the best insurer in Luxembourg?

The best insurer is one that offers the best covers, at the best price. Here are some tips if you are looking for insurance in Luxembourg:

  • If you are looking for cheap insurance with good basic cover, see our selection of insurance policies "Saver"
  • If you want to the best value for moneyA solid cover and a reasonable price: so our selection "Top"This is the place for you. You will have an example of 3 insurances that we consider to be well positioned in terms of guarantees/price ratio.
  • Finally, if you wish to insure your property with a maximum coverageIf you are looking for an insurance policy that protects you against most risks and offers a very good level of reimbursement, check out our selection "Premium". It offers you 3 of the best premium insurances on the market.

We select the best insurance policies in the Grand Duchy

Basic coverage, guarantees, prices... We analyse everything.

Each month we analyse the cover and price ranges of the different car and home insurances in Luxembourg, and then we offer you a selection of the best ones. To make our selection, we analyse :

  1. The proposed coverage : we take great care to show you the presence of basic or essential coverages in order to facilitate the reading and understanding of these offers. For your security, and because we have experienced several claims, we consider as "essential" coverages that are included in the vast majority of insurance contracts in Luxembourg (protection against the risks of theft, natural disasters or water damage for example).
  2. The support offered by the insurer : we make the following appear
  3. Price range : Price is one of the criteria for selecting offers. However, it is not the only one: the guarantees offered by the insurance contract are obviously taken into account in our selection.
  4. Extras on offer: For example, some car contracts offer a 'Taxi Joker', which allows you to take a taxi for free when you are not fit to drive. We consider this to be a benefit worth mentioning and taking into account in our calculation method. There are other benefits that can set an insurance policy apart from other offers, such as travel insurance, protection of personal belongings abroad, or coverage for multimedia (or electronic) devices.

After analysing the dozens of car and home insurance offers available in Luxembourg according to the same criteria, our comparator recommends a selection of 3 insurances in each category (Top, Eco, Premium).

And if someone has recommended a particular company to you, don't hesitate to compare offers anyway. This will help you to make the right choice.

How do I cancel my insurance?

Car, home... Here's how to change your insurance company easily.
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How can I save on my car insurance?

Comparing car insurance quotes in Luxembourg can save you more than a hundred euros a year, with relatively equivalent cover. To make sure you don't lose out on quality protection, we recommend that you start by finding one or more offers that suit you, and then choose the cheapest. Here's how to save money on your car insurance:

  1. Compare our car insurance selections on this page
  2. Make sure you keep the essential guarantees for your vehicle. The insurance must include civil liability, legal protection, and cover all the usual risks (accidents, breakdown, fire, glass breakage, theft, natural disasters, etc.).
  3. Check that theinsurer does have a emergency number in case of a claim available 7 days a week, 24 hours a dayto make sure you are well looked after if you have an accident
  4. Ask for several quotes to the insurance companies of your choice, and compare them to find the cheapest offer
  5. Don't forget to communicate your bonus-malusto take advantage of possible discounts on the price of your car insurance

How can I save on my home insurance?

By comparing insurance quotes, you can save a good ten euros a month on your home insurance policy, while keeping more or less the same coverage. Here's the checklist for saving on your home insurance:

  1. Compare our selection of home insurance policies on this page
  2. Analyse carefully the coverage, benefits and options offered by the different insurance policies. Make sure that you keep an overview of the cover against the essential risks of everyday life (civil liability, legal protection, theft, fire, water damage, electrical damage, natural disasters, floods, storms and hail, etc)
  3. Do you have several interesting offers? Click on "Request a quote"Then contact the insurance companies directly for a personalised quote.
  4. Take the time to read the different quotes, compare the prices and the cover offered. Do you want to save money? Then go for the cheapest quote that offers the right cover for you.

Why should I follow your recommendations?

For several simple reasons:

  1. First of all, we take the time to reference the coverage of different insurance contracts in our spare time, as we like to make comparisons. This is what we did as soon as we arrived in Luxembourg, and we continue to do it for our friends.
  2. We update the insurance selections as regularly as possible. We update them according to commercial developments in each insurance or adjustments in our selection method.
  3. We leave it to you to choose the cover that best suits your needs. All we do is make it easy for you, by providing you with an initial selection of insurances and different thematic comparison tables, depending on your budget and the level of cover you are looking for!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How to compare insurance in Luxembourg?

You can use an online comparison tool such as this one to compare the cover of an initial selection of car and home insurance policies. Once you've found the deals that suit you, simply visit the insurance companies' websites to request personalised quotes. You can then compare prices and choose the best insurance.

Which is the best insurance company in Luxembourg?

The best insurance company in Luxembourg is the one that offers the best coverage at the best price. Some are known to be a little too expensive. Others are known for offering too little cover. The best thing to do is to make an initial selection by comparing the cover and then asking for quotes.

How to get insurance in Luxembourg?

To insure yourself in Luxembourg, you should contact the relevant insurance companies directly. They have agents throughout the country. The sales agents will give you a quote for car or home insurance. If you accept it, you can sign at a distance and you will be insured! However, we recommend that you start by comparing the different coverages offered before asking for quotes (as this is a tedious task).

What is the cheapest insurance on the market?

You can find cheap insurance easily, but it will not offer cover for all the risks of everyday life. If you are looking for the cheapest insurance, check out our selection of 'Eco' insurance policies. You can compare policies and get quotes to confirm your choice.

What is the best online insurance?

In Luxembourg, it is very difficult to buy insurance online: you will first have to contact an insurance agent to request a quote and then sign your contract. However, the insurance companies Bâloise and Foyer offer online price simulators and simplified underwriting.

Why is there compulsory insurance?

Insurance is compulsory because it allows everyone to pool their money so that people can be reimbursed for the damage they have caused. If someone causes you an accident, that person will probably not be able to pay for it with his or her own money, so insurance is necessary to cover the costs of the risk. Some insurance is therefore compulsory to protect you.

Is civil liability compulsory in Luxembourg?

In Luxembourg, civil liability insurance, which protects you in the event of damage caused to others, is not compulsory. However, it is strongly recommended by insurance companies. In addition, you can deduct your contribution for civil liability from your tax return each year.

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