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Why compare energy suppliers in Luxembourg?

In Luxembourg, there are few energy suppliers and very little price competition. By comparing energy offers, you can :

  1. Save on your gas or electricity bills: Some companies are known to be very expensive. You can save a few hundred euros a year by choosing a cheaper supplier.
  2. Reduce your carbon footprint: Luxembourg operators offer green 100% deals, with electricity from renewable energy and biogas. These contracts cost only a few euros more per month, and allow companies to invest in the development of new renewable energy production plants (hydroelectric dams, windmills, solar panel farms, biomass, etc.).
  3. Strengthening our energy independence: Most 100% green energy contracts contain only European energy. By choosing these subscriptions, you reduce our dependence on foreign powers that are the main exporters of fossil fuels (e.g. Russian gas or oil). With these contracts, suppliers commit themselves to sourcing only from the European market. Independent institutes certify the origin of the electricity produced, or the gas delivered to your home.

Which supplier offers the best prices for gas and electricity?

Each energy supplier offers different benefits and options. Nevertheless, here is a comparison of the tariffs:

  • For electricity subscriptions : SudStroum is the cheapest supplier in Luxembourg. It is closely followed by Enovos: the Luxembourg incumbent (like EDF in France). Electris is the third most expensive supplier of electricity.
  • For gas contracts : SudÉnergie offers the most attractive tariffs, and good 100% bio gas options. Enovos has slightly more expensive offers. However, Enovos offers a share of gas from Luxembourg, which is an advantage if you want to finance the production of local energy.

Good to know: Leo Energy also offers gas and electricity in Luxembourg. However, the prices are the same as those of Enovos (which has a majority stake in Leo Energy). We therefore only show the offers of Enovos, to simplify the understanding and comparison of energy prices.

We compare energy suppliers in the Grand Duchy

Price, origin of energy: all criteria are analysed

For each energy supplier, these are the criteria we analyse:

  1. The importance of the supplier in the market : we only compare the main Luxembourg companies. Many suppliers had to close their companies due to the surge in energy prices, including companies in the Grand Duchy. Customers then had to change operators. To avoid this scenario and to guarantee you a good quality of service, this comparator only takes into account the major companies in the energy sector.
  2. The price of energy : This is obviously an essential criterion for comparing offers. In our comparisons, we analyse the prices of the various gas and electricity offers, and we make a selection of offers based on objective criteria. This way you can quickly find the cheapest contract. You can then go to the supplier's website to make a personalised price simulation and finalise the contract.
  3. The supplier's commitment to the planet : We would like to highlight offers that help accelerate the energy transition and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. This is why we also present the green 100% offers in this comparison. You will find two types of energy contracts:
    1. Green 100% electricity offers : These offers certify that the electricity you consume comes from wind farms, solar panel farms, hydroelectric dams and biomass in Europe. These contracts do not include the supply of nuclear power, which is considered low-carbon but not renewable.
    2. 100% organic gas offers : these contracts provide for the supply of biogasThis is a gas produced from the fermentation or methanisation of organic waste. This fuel is much more environmentally friendly than so-called "natural" gas, which is actually fossil-based and extracted deep underground (as with oil).

Note that Luxembourg does not have sufficient production to cover all the country's energy demand. The country must therefore importing electricity from neighbouring countries (Germany, Belgium, France). Therefore, it is impossible to get green electricity or gas produced 100% locally.

When you pay for a green energy contract, you are therefore financing energy produced in Europe. However, some suppliers commit to supplying a certain proportion of energy produced in Luxembourg.

If you have a house, however, you can choose to install solar panels on your roof. Simulate your solar potentialYou can also find out about the cost of your installation and the subsidies available for your project in Luxembourg.

What is the impact of energy price increases in Luxembourg?

With the war in Ukraine, the return of inflation and the halt in Russian gas supplies, energy prices are soaring in Europe and in Luxembourg. Consumers will see their electricity or gas bills rise considerably.

  • Some gas suppliers have already announced increases of 110% prices in the autumn. This means that consumers' bills could double.
  • The price of electricity is also expected to increase gradually in the winter of 2022-2023.

However, to protect consumers, the Luxembourg State should pay for part of these energy price increasesThis is the case in most European countries. It is becoming more important than ever to compare offers carefully in order to choose the cheapest energy supplier.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What energy suppliers are there in Luxembourg?

The energy suppliers are the following: Enovos, Electris, SudStroum or SudEnergie. The suppliers have relatively similar tariffs, although some offer particularly high prices. It is therefore important to compare the offers before choosing a gas or electricity contract.

How do I open an energy contract in Luxembourg?

To take out an electricity or gas subscription, start by comparing our selection of offers, according to your wishes and your budget. Then simply run a simulation and request a quote on the supplier's website. The supplier will contact you to finalise the transaction and sign the contract. The supplier will be able to change supplier for you.

Who is the cheapest energy supplier?

The cheapest suppliers are SudStroum for electricity and SudÉnergie for gas. These suppliers are closely followed by Enovos, which is second in each category. However, not all suppliers offer the same environmentally friendly options, so be sure to analyse and compare offers before making your choice.

Why change energy supplier?

In some cases, changing your energy supplier can save you several hundred euros per year: some Luxembourg companies are known for charging very high prices. You can take advantage of this to choose green and local energy to support the ecological transition.

What is the price of energy in Luxembourg?

The price of energy depends mainly on your supplier and your energy consumption. When you change supplier, you will be charged a different price for each unit of energy consumed (kWh of electricity, m³ of gas). Then the final price of your bill will depend on your consumption.

What is the increase in energy prices in Luxembourg?

Since 2022 and the war in Ukraine, energy prices have risen sharply in European markets. These increases are gradually being passed on to consumers. For example, gas bills are expected to double for Luxembourgers. Electricity is also expected to become more expensive in the winter of 2022-2023.

How to save energy to pay less?

The main expense is heating. To reduce your energy consumption, it is recommended to turn on the heating less often in your home. Every degree less will save you 7% on your consumption. Secondly, you can also limit the time you spend in the shower and avoid taking baths. This will save you hot water, so you will need to use less energy to heat your water at home.

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