Luxembourg: 4G and 5G mobile coverage map

9 June 2022
Map of 4G and 5G mobile coverage in Luxembourg

Would you like to know the 4G and 5G coverage in Luxembourg for your next mobile package? POST, Orange, Tango... Compare the networks of the main operators with this map.

Note: this map is based on measurements made by nPerf, a leading website for flow measurements.

Map of 4G and 5G networks in Luxembourg

Here is the interactive map showing the extent of 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks in the Grand Duchy. This map is based on measurements of mobile connection speeds in Luxembourg. 5G is shown in purple. 4G is shown in red. 3G is in orange.

If you wish to view the interactive and updated version of this map you can find it on this page from the nPerf website.

Which operator has the best 5G network?

Where can you get 5G in Luxembourg?

If we compare the 5G statements of the different operators, we can see that they are concentrating their deployment efforts on the two most populated areas in Luxembourg:

  1. Luxembourg City : Almost the entire city is covered by 5G. The districts of Cloche d'Or and Merl have excellent coverage.
  2. Esch-sur-Alzette : Some major sectors are covered by 5G. But not all of them offer 5G in Esch, according to the nPerf readings.

Ranking of operators with the best 5G deployment in Luxembourg

Comparing the 5G network density from the nPerf surveys, the leading mobile operators are ranked as follows:

  1. POST clearly has the most extensive 5G network with very dense coverage throughout the centre, south, east and west of Luxembourg. 5G POST's readings even extend beyond that: with a whole axis connecting the North of the country.
  2. Tango comes in second place according to nPerf. The operator has 5G antennas in the centre of Luxembourg and in the surrounding municipalities. The South and East of the country is also very well covered with 5G. However, according to this map, coverage is less dense than for POST. Note that Tango has good coverage in the border area with France. In contrast, there were no surveys in the north of the country.
  3. Orange comes third in this ranking. The surveys indicate coverage mainly in the city centre of Luxembourg.
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Operators with the best 5G speed in Luxembourg

5G coverage in the country is not everything, you also need to be able to offer high mobile data rates to really see the difference with 4G. Here again, there is a clear difference between POST, Tango and Orange. Again, according to the nPerf website:

  • POST's 5G offers speeds of up to 1 Gb/s...
    • in the whole centre of Luxembourg (city centre, Cloche d'Or, Merl, Bel-Air, Kirchberg, Cents etc)
    • in the surrounding municipalities (Bertrange, Strassen)
    • in the north of the country (especially around Ettelbruck)
    • along the the French border
    • along the German border
  • Tango has a higher density of 5G speed readings up to 1 Gb/s in the centre Luxembourg City, and in a few places along the border with France.
  • Orange 5G reaches 1 Gb/s in the centre Luxembourg's historic city centre and in the Gare district, according to the readings shown on the map. No 1 Gb/s speeds with Orange were found along the borders, or in the north of the country.
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Which operator has the best 4G network in Luxembourg?

Where can you get 4G?

4G is available on a very large part of the territory in Luxembourg. However, the coverage is not the same depending on the operator. According to nPerf surveys, some operators focus more on the central and southern regions. If you hesitate to take a new mobile packageWe advise you first to study the differences between the operators.

The ranking of the best 4G+ coverage in Luxembourg

Here is the comparison of 4G+ coverage, according to measurements made by the nPerf website:

Map of 5G and 4G coverage of mobile phone providers in Luxembourg.
Map of 5G and 4G coverage of mobile phone providers in Luxembourg.
  1. According to this map, POST tops the list with a very dense 4G+ network (in dark red, below the purple) in most parts of Luxembourg. The North is also very well covered compared to the measurements made for the main competitors.
  2. Orange comes second in terms of 4G+ coverage. The majority of the country appears to be covered by the operator.
  3. Tango appears to be in third place. According to these maps, Tango's 4G+ coverage is mainly limited to the centre, south, east and west of the country. In the North, the readings mainly show a standard 4G speed.

Overall, according to nPerf's measurements, POST is the best mobile operator in terms of 4G and 5G coverage in Luxembourg. Now, price is also a factor in choosing the best mobile package for you. Do not hesitate to compare mobile packages available in Luxembourg in order to choose the one that suits you best.

Finally, if you are a French, Belgian or German frontier worker, and you are hesitating to take out a mobile package in Luxembourg, here are some tips our advice.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which operator has the best 5G in Luxembourg?

All operators have equivalent 5G connection speeds. However, POST has the best 5G coverage in Luxembourg. Tango and Orange are tied for second place in the ranking, according to connection measurement site nPerf.

Which 5G mobile provider to choose in Luxembourg?

Choose a provider that offers good 5G coverage in the area where you live and work. This will ensure you have good internet speeds wherever you are. To find out which provider to choose, check the map at the top of this article. You can easily compare the 5G coverage of different mobile phone providers.

Which 5G mobile package to choose in Luxembourg?

If you want to buy a 5G mobile package, compare the offers in this mobile package comparison. You will be able to choose your next package depending on the amount of data you want and your budget.

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